Posted by: perchancetodream | September 20, 2010

We Have Been Here Before

I don’t mind the cyclical nature of the seasons.  I’m equally annoyed by both winter and summer and equally in love with both spring and fall.  I used to love the start of a new school year as much as I loved the start of summer vacation.

But the renewal of adoption forms is a special kind of torture.

Last year when we began our home study and we were in constant contact with USCIS and our agency to get all of our immigration paperwork settled, there was a sense of moving forward that only comes from doing something the first time.

Now, we’re renewing everything we’ve done.  I wish that this would entail sending in a form to all interested parties saying that nothing has changed (because okay, we’ve gotten minimal raises, have a bit less debt, and have another cat but really, nothing much has changed).  But no……we need to jump through the same hoops in the same way with the same people at almost the same cost.

And have I mentioned that our fingerprints have NOT changed.  Really, I promise that we haven’t filed the tips of our fingers down to throw the government and our home study agency off our trails so why oh why do we have to go through at least 2 more round of fingerprints this soon?

In “anticipation” of our USCIS renewal in February (a whole other set of hoops to jump through), we’re now undertaking an update of our home study.  Tomorrow we get to meet with our social worker to assure her that yes, we still want to adopt and that one of us hasn’t become a serial killer in the last 8 months.  Then we need to meet with her individually to assure her that yes, we really do mean it and have her to our house so that she can see we haven’t turned it into a vampire coven.

Although seeing the expression on her face might just be worth doing that.

I know that there is much in life to be grateful for.  Really, I do and I am.  But more paperwork just isn’t one of them.



  1. Just finished ours and we finally have it apostilled in the hands of our agency. I would love to say it was not tourture but it took almost as long as to assemble our entire DOSSIER as this renewal and the paperwork is still NOT in Bulgaria. We started in April and it is October almost!!! Should it really cost this much to say nothing has changed. There is such an ugly side to adoption!!!

    • Amie – SOOOOO sorry to hear that. Yesterday actually went better than expected. That being said there were a number of forms she “forgot” to tell us we’d need. So who knows what else will come out of the woodwork.

      I absolutely agree on the cost both in terms of time and money….when nothing has changed. It is so very frustrating……

      I understand the safeguards in the process but you think, in the interest of the kids, they might make this easier.

  2. Hey chica…finally got the 2011 book challenge up.

  3. Haven’t heard from you in a while and was hoping you’re still around. Would love to hear what’s new.

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