Posted by: perchancetodream | June 11, 2010

Is this thing still on?

I know it’s been a while……but such is the ebb and flow in the wonderful world of international adoption.

We DO finally have a registration number (why it took almost 3 months to get it has gone unanswered but now that we have it, I don’t really care) for Bulgaria.  I would almost suspect that the director of our agency made the number up just to get me off his back but I sense that they’re too sincere for that.

What, you may ask, does this mean?

Well….not much in terms of time or having any further knowledge about when we’ll actually have a referral.  But it does mean that they found all of our dossier material acceptable, which is a huge relief.

Aside from that, having a new form that now needs to be notarized, certified, appostilled and sent off we’re in a holding pattern until late August at which time we get to renew our home study in preparation for renewing our USCIS approval.  Which means social worker appointments, more fingerprinting, more checks to write, more fingerprinting, etc……

In the meantime, I have a major work project starting, my first ever fiction project which is up to 31K words, and hubby and I will be off to the UK so we won’t be bored.  But I’ll try to update more often for the 2 of your who are still reading this!

Hope you’re all well and enjoying your summer.



  1. Good luck on the USCIS portion of your process. I hope it goes smoothly! And what a neat work assignment… much luck and sending you lots of inspiration to last the project 🙂

  2. congrats of getting a registration number!!!

  3. I am reading too:) Glad you finally got your registration number. Have fun in the UK.

  4. Hope you’re having a nice Summer and that the adoption process goes smoothly for you.

  5. That is good news! A fitting birthday present, maybe? Here’s hoping that this year is full of the gifts you most want.

  6. Seems that there are more than two of us reading… 🙂 This sounds hopeful. I keep you in my thoughts all the time for this project.

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