Posted by: perchancetodream | March 24, 2010

What The Governments Have Been Up To

As someone who spent a number of years after college without health insurance – and had those years be ones in which I was dealing with a number of expensive health issues – which caused debt that it took me a DECADE to get out of, I was in favor of Obama’s health care reform bill already.

I’m almost glad that I didn’t know that the extension of the adoption credit had been added into this bill because I would have ended up chewing the furniture waiting to see if it would pass.

For the past number of years, the $5,000 tax credit for adoption assistance had been increased.  For tax year 2009, it was $12,5000 and was credited against the tax that you were required to pay, based on your income.

That credit was due to expire.  In fact, no one seemed to be talking about it being added into the health care reform bill.  But low and behold…..not only has the credit been extended until the end of calendar year 2011, it has been INCREASED to $13,170 AND it is now refundable (from what I understand, this means that you would get the amount back even if you didn’t owe that amount in taxes to begin with).

Now it is unlikely that our adoption will be finalized by the end of 2011 (expenses for domestic adoptions can be claimed as spent but expenses for international adoptions can’t be claimed until the child is here in the US) but certainly this extension bodes better for there being a 2012 credit.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria has been busy too. This past week saw a major conference (more information available here) in Sofia called “Status and Perspectives of Intercountry Adoptions in Bulgaria”.  There are a number of bits of information that are being disseminated across various adoption forums but no official information has been released yet.  Suffice to say, that in the next few days we should have more information about the number of children currently available for adoption from Bulgaria, any new procedures, and the general status of things.

One of things that many families (including us) are waiting for is information on referrals of healthy children.  Most of the children we’ve seen referred have been special needs due to medical issues or age. And while we’ve been approved to adopt a child with mild special needs, we are hoping to adopt a child as health as possible.

My own agency has told me to contact them on Monday if we haven’t heard first because it’s possible that our own dossier was accepted during this conference.  It seems soon compared to the timelines we were given but it would be great to know that we’re finally on the rolls!



  1. so did you hear from your agency? just curious.

    • Hi Celeste! I’ll send you an email with the info that I currently have.

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