Posted by: perchancetodream | November 30, 2009

Moving Right Along

For those hearty few of those who are still following this blog while we’re in this holding pattern, I offer sincere apologies for the lack of updates.  It isn’t that nothing has been going on its the we’ve almost had too much going on.

In the last few weeks we’ve actually managed to jump a few dossier hurdles.  This morning we went and got our biometric fingerprints taken for Homeland Security.  It was an amazingly easy and smooth process given that it’s the government and all! 🙂   Hopefully, in a few weeks we’ll have our approval for them for international adoption from a Hague Convention country (otherwise known as an I-171H).

We’ve also sent off our rolled ink fingerprints to the FBI.  This was a much more annoying process but they’re done.  Thanks to our local UPS office moving to a horribly-inconvenient location I sent these off regular mail with no tracking.  Not sure what I was thinking there but I’m paying for it now as I panic at the fact that they haven’t even charged our card (and you know that the first thing the government does is get the money out-of-the-way).  Our agency assures us that the note on the FBI site that it will take 8 weeks to get our clearances back is just to keep people from hounding them and that we’ll get these back quickly.  Fingers are crossed.

We’ve also received our guardianship affidavit.  This was a bit more of a hassle for all concerned.  I understand why everyone wants everything notarized but….that isn’t always easy when you’re talking about two busy working adults getting to a notary at the same time (when most notaries aren’t available on weekends).  What came out of the struggle to get this agency-requested form was good though.  our wonderful friends were able to jump through the hoops necessary to get it to us.  We also have found that another set of friends is more than willing to serve as guardians are well.  Also, I learned a lot about our agency’s Executive Director who was willing to bend their rules to accommodate our issues and spent a good 1/2 hour on the phone with me working through options.  So far, I really couldn’t be happier with our agency’s willingness to work with us and not treat us as just another adoptive couple in the queue.

The whole issue of guardianship is an odd one though.  I remember discussing MY guardianship with my father after my mother died when I was 13.  I wanted my paternal grandmother with whom I was very close, to be named.  He thought she was too old and wanted me to name an aunt with whom I wasn’t close.  I don’t even know that we ever did choose one and thankfully, none was needed.

As an only child, our natural choice of a sibling of mine isn’t an option.  Hubby’s sister lives in the UK and is an option although she has her hands full with three kids of her own.  The friend who is being listed as guardian is one of my oldest friends, a wonderful parent, and someone with whom I’d once discussed surrogacy (because even then I didn’t think I could get pregnant).  Likewise, my other friend who came to the rescue (along with his wife) is the parent of two children and someone who I would trust my life to.  That hubby has only met friend #1 once and hasn’t met friend #2 at all is an issue and once that will need to be rectified.  But on the whole it’s making me incredibly grateful for friends who – sight unseen – would volunteer to raise and love our yet-to-be adopted child, based solely on what they feel for me (and John).  It’s humbling.

Aside from the adoption front, hubby and I are simply enjoying the holidays.  One change – for better or for worse – is that I’ve “lost” once of my freelance gigs (in the same sense that you “lose” a bill you don’t want to pay by burying it in a pile of papers – or is that just me?).  I was writing/designing the monthly enewsletter for the company I moved here to work for.  The money allowed us to go out for sushi almost every week and to not worry quite so much about every penny spent.  But all of the reasons why I hated working for the company were magnified.  Nothing was ever done on time, things were changed at the last minute that could have been thought through earlier, decisions were made that made no sense in terms of an enewsletter.  I’m not going to miss the stress.  The money on the other hand….well, guess I need to find something else!

Oh and here’s some excitement: Music City might get snow flurries later in the week!  That means that store shelves will be cleared of canned goods and schools will shut 2 days in advance because “it might snow”.  The amusement here just never stops!

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and have figured out ways to use your leftover turkey.  We’ve opted for Turkey Curry ourselves!




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