Posted by: perchancetodream | October 21, 2009

Falling into Fall

At some point in Mid-November, I’ll be caught up.  Getting ready for a work convention basically ate up the end of summer and suddenly, it’s fall and I didn’t even realize it until I took the dog out one day and everything crunched.

The convention is now less than 2 weeks away.  I return to a week off to recuperate (which I’ll need) during which I plan to shovel a bunch of stuff off my things to do list: redesign this blog, sort through and scan photos, delete things from my computer that I have in triplicate and no longer need anyhow, remind the social security administration that I WAS working and paying US taxes during the four years I lived in the UK, thank you very much.

And then there is our dossier.  The good news is that I did manage to get our I-800A sent off with all of the (many) appropriate, notarized attachments.  The bad news is that after micromanaging those attachments and making sure that hubby signed in the 14 appropriate places, it was returned to us.  I’D forgotten to sign it. Yup – my brain is a little full these days. Grrr…. anyhow, my big hope that USCIS read the entire document and that was the only thing missing.  I fear though that they got to that page, noticed the missing signature and just popped it back into the mail to me with a “ha! ha! how can you hope to adopt a child when you can’t even sign on all of the dotted lines?” letter.  Honestly, I’m surprised that I didn’t mail them our grocery list and a Target bill instead of the proper paperword.  THAT’S how crazy things have been.

Anyhow, we’re also plowing through the rest of the dossier materials. Where possible without leaving my computer so that I can avoid missing work emails, I’ve printed, copied, and filled out what I can.  The rest will have to wait until I get back.  We’re a bit on hold until we get the USCIS approval anyhow.

I realize that for those who aren’t as jaded by the process as we’re quickly becoming, it might seem unfathomable that we’ve been into this process for six months already and aren’t officially registered to adopt a child from Bulgaria.  We might be signed on with the agency and in possession of a finalized and approved home study, but that means that we’re only half-way through the mountain of bureaucracy that will get us to the point of having our entire dossier translated and sent to the Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria.

It almost makes me long for a follistim shot.  Or not.

On the magic day that I actually find myself with enough time to finish a thought, I’ll try to write up some overviews of the whole process and the changes that are being made in the Bulgarian adoption system (which should be VERY positive changes).  I really do intend to get to this!  So please, bear with me! 🙂



  1. Wow… and I thought I was busy! Sending prayers and good thoughts that the convention will go well, and that you will get all the things accomplished that you need to to move forward with the adoption process.


  2. Although we’ve never done an International adoption (or any adoption) I have had some experience with the USCIS. The Hubs is from England; I’m from the USA. I lived there with him for 3 1/2 years, 2 of which we were working on immigration processing. So I can sympathise some. Good luck to you! I hope things slow down for you a bit and you can catch your breath 😀


  3. “It almost makes me long for a follistim shot. Or not.” … funny!

    Just curious… Why Bulgaria?

    Happy ICLW!

  4. Thanks all for visiting. It’s nice to find out about new blogs as well.

    WannabeMommy – we chose Bulgaria for a few reasons (1) we’ve been there on vacation and loved it (2) the kids look at least something like us (3) The program is (we’re told) on an upswing and (4) No other country really seemed to fit for us for one reason or another.

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