Posted by: perchancetodream | August 28, 2009

Fertility Reflected

Throughout the course of our 2+ years of infertility treatments, I let a lot go.  Including other types of doctor’s appointments.  My GYN visits were particularly disrupted by my cycles and having pap smears done by the RE’s office and not being able to do a mammogram close to cycle, etc.

So I’ve made a list of visits that I need to start squeezing in and the first was to get the gyno out of the way.  Unlike NYC where it’s possible to find comments and reviews of any doctor worth their salt, Music City is…um…silent.  It’s very hard to get info here and even if you do, trying to get in to see the doctor of your choice can me a 6-month wait.  I’d selected a GYN who is also a highly-touted OB and it therefore came as no surprise to find that his next available appoint was for DECEMBER!  Um…no.

I was offered the chance to see a nurse practitioner in the same office who does also the gyno stuff plus infertility (i.e., IUIs).  I figured that at least she’d understand my charts when I gave them to her.  So I saw her and she was lovely and switched on and pretty much “got it.”  She also mentioned that I needed to move the endocrinologist up higher on my list as my potential thyroid issues might be our infertility culprit.  That’s fine but I’m still 44 so……

Anyhow, I’m completely happy with her, happy with her interest in rerunning a thyroid panel and checking my levels of various vitamins.  Her blood person did a great job and used a butterfly without a fuss.  It was one of the least painful paps I’ve ever had.  In fact she’s great, her staff is great, the location is great but her physical office sucks.

Okay, I wasn’t there for infertility treatments but I’m still sensitive to those issues and guess I always will be.  Her exam room had one of those digital picture frames in it with constantly revolving photos of her kids (grandkids? niece and nephew?)…the same two kids were pictured in huge photos all over the office.

When I was in NYC, my clinic was thankfully low on kid pictures.  Every once in a while a woman would thoughtlessly bring her unruly toddler (I never did see a well-behaved one there) in with an ineffective husband or grandmother to run around the waiting room while she was in for her exam.  But the clinic itself had the sensitivity to understand that a woman having an ultrasound where she’s being told that the doctor can no longer find a heartbeat or on her last ever IUI before she gives up her dream of a biological child doesn’t need to see photos of laughing, beautiful children.

I came very close to saying something to my new Gyno.  And at some point, I probably will.  Perhaps she’s unaware and woman here just aren’t as vocal as they are in NY but are still seething inside.  She seems like a caring person so hopefully she’ll take it in the right way.


I’ve always been a bit of a video game freak.  I was the first one on the block with Pong, had the first nintendo, etc. I never got into online gaming of any sort but if I had a PDA, it had some sort of roll-playing game on it.  So I got a game the other day for my iTouch.  The “game” is really to just take care of a little family.  You start with 2 adults and take it from here.  You drop one on the other in hopes that they’ll try to make a baby and be successful.  The first time I did this, they were.  But then they were resistant.  If I could get them to hug, they never got to the next step.  If they tried to make a baby, they failed.  Or they argues about whether it was the right time to even try.

I did manage to get three kids out of them.  And then I noticed that one of the things in the character’s “store” was vial of medication that increases the chance of having kids as well as of having twins and triplets.  Virtual IVF (except this one $500 vial increases their fertility for life.  It’s too late for this generation but believe me that one of their kids is gonna get a hefty dose of that.

Yeah…I’d pop that $500.  Where do I get one for myself?????


Our agency agreements are now signed and notarized. Okay, I haven’t had a chance to actually read them yet but I will before they’re sent off next week.

Next step the dossier.  We don’t even know what that will entail as they don’t release the instructions until we return these current pieces…but I’m sure the paperwork will be tons of fun (not!).



  1. Video games?! I didn’t know that about you. You’d get along GREAT with my kids. 🙂

  2. Had to comment when I saw the part about the video game. I think I know the one you’re talking about; I have the full PC version. 🙂

    For a while, I produced only twins and triplets in my game because I kept giving everyone IVF treatments! I figured, “If I can’t afford them in real life, at least my virtual family won’t have to suffer.” 🙂

    Great blog. Bookmarking you now!


    • Gaijin mama – I guess when we were roommates, we didn’t really have video games but hey, I was the first one my block to have PONG in high school. I could be a total addict. Good thing I have a job to keep me busy! 🙂

      TwoisaFamily – Funny but even the “baby boost” in the game hasn’t given me triplets. I guess I’m just doomed all across the board! 🙂 (That being said, I seem to get lucky at adopting kids in the game so who knows!). Welcome!

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