Posted by: perchancetodream | August 25, 2009

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

It’s sometimes great to feel like you’ve got a large support system working for you and many people pulling for you.  Then throseere’s today! 🙂  No, no, we’re grateful for the support of friends and family all.  And I have to say that we’re lucky to be one of the few couples that I know of anyhow, to receive only positive comments from friends and family about our plans so THANKS!

That beings said…I can not WAIT until we’re completely done with our home study agency (okay, we won’t be “done” for about a decade as there are post-placement reports, etc….but that bridge is so far away that I’m not even thinking of crossing it at the moment).

Today’s drama consisted of an email from our SW with a form attached that was sent to her by our placing agency.  The form, which has to be notarized, is meant to be filled out…not by us…buy by the friends that we specified as “guardians” should anything, you know, happen to us.  The choice of guardianship kinda happened as a spur of the moment thing.  We figured that we’d get a child home and then have to write wills and would sort it out then. But one of my best friends inserted something into her letter of support about being the guardians (which was pretty darn inspired), hubby and I had a short (very short) conversation about it and then we said “yup! works for us and we can still sort it out later if we need to”.

Anyhow the form needs to be filled out by said friend and her husband (who I’m not even sure knows about all of this).  And notarized.  Hmm….she’s starting a new job next week and he has a 2-hour commute to work.  When’s that notary thing going to happen I’m wondering????

So I wrote to both the SW (who couldn’t care less about the form anyhow) and the placing agency (who needs the form but really wants this all to get a move-on) numerous times and in various combinations.   We now have a consensus that our home study can be finalized without said form that we can file our agency agreement paperwork and start work on our dossier and the dreaded I-800 while waiting for this form.

I sense that this is only a glimpse into what the next few months is going to be like…..

Other than all of this, life continues on (thankfully) and work continues to be a complete pain in the lead-up to our biennial convention this fall.  I did get a thank you note from my boss today, which is one of the things that makes working there a good thing.  I don’t need the thanks but, hey, its sometimes nice to hear that you’re doing a good job.  And our two weeks of Phase one of South Beach diet are thankfully coming to an end.  I’m not sure which of the phase 2 additions I’m looking forward to more: fruit, red wine, BREAD (okay, whole wheat but still….).  At least I lived through the french fry craving I had last night at around midnight that almost had me in the car and heading to McD’s.  Thankfully hubby parked me in and his Jeep scares me after dark! 🙂



  1. This adoption stuff is making my head spin. I can only imagine how you must feel!

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