Posted by: perchancetodream | July 22, 2009

Time (Clock of the Heart)

Yeah, so I’m naming this post after a Culture Club song.  As a child of the 80’s, I guess I’m allowed.

It’s funny though that I’ve suddenly amassed a number of friends who were born in the 80’s and that, to me, if just unfathomable.  I mean so many of the pivotal things in my life took place during that crazy decade and I loved it. Although many happy things took place for me in the 90’s, I just never meshed with the music, the culture.  Life just didn’t flow as smoothly.


I’ve pretty much had no time.  Those of you who know me in real life are aware of how bad a correspondent I’ve become. I’m busier at work then I’ve ever been and am still doing a bit of freelancing on the side.  And the adoption stuff.  And hubby. And….well, my things to do list is now unraveling all over the floor.

There has been some movement on the adoption front though (okay, that might be overstating it).  (1) hubby has his one-on-one with the SW today.  I’m sure he’ll do fine.  Hubby is nothing less than charming when he chooses to be. But he also isn’t one to bite his tongue and this is a situation that needs a little tongue biting.  I know that I’ll be quite relieved if he comes home and says it went well.

(2) We finished our online adoption course yesterday.  The last few chapters were actually interesting.  A bit about Bulgaria.  A bit about transitioning your adopted child home. But we both agree that the course was crap.  Not a waste of time but way too academic and not really filled with anything practical.  Now I know that I’ll have procured a sizable library of adoption, toddler, and toddler adoption books by the time we actually get a referral.  I know that I’ll continue to read blogs and listserv posts for the foreseeable future and will take note of everything I read.  But….not everyone will and hubby and I talked last night about how bad it is that the course doesn’t take that into account.

Now we wait for the rest of our recommendation letters to make their way to the SW.  We go for our local clearances and fingerprinting (all to happen next week).  Then we have the home visit – which is really a sham because there is no way that we’ll be living here by the time the adoption is finalized.  We love the townhouse but we need a 3rd bedroom (since I work from home) and, for a rental, it would take too much money and work to make it child-friendly (for instance, we have a creek/drainage ditch in the back that is accessed by a decorative bridge.  The rest isn’t fenced or enclosed in any way.

Speaking of money…..I literally thank the universe on a daily basis that hubby and I are both gainfully employed. But the damned credit card companies are on my last nerve.  (1) I closed a card over a year ago and paid it off.  When I went to log on to the website to make sure that I hadn’t accrued any additional finance charges, I couldn’t get in.  I never heard from the bank again so I figured I was fine.  Until other banks started talking about my “delinquency”.  Turns out I owed them $15 for 3 months. which I was never notified about.  But boy that 90-day late payment on my credit report took it all down.  The bank has twice promised to reverse the note with all 3 agencies.  This should be done by tomorrow so we’ll see.  I hope – for them – that they’ve done it.  (2) A bank that I have a long standing (good) relationship with acquired my “emergency” card. A card with a huge available limit that I’ve used for emergencies, business trips oh…and it was going to fund our adoption.  Well, guess what.  They just cut my limit IN HALF.  With no notice I suddenly had a $10 available balance.  I’ve never been late on this card.  Always pay WELL over the minimum. And in part this is because of the first bank screwing with my credit report.

I know that we’ll sort out paying for the adoption.  This year is all about paying things off and we’ll get there in time.  But still.  Can’t a girl catch a break?

Someday I’ll actually start writing some eloquent, non-rushed posts.  Really.  I promise. I have so many things rolling around in my head.  I just need time to commit them to the keyboard.



  1. So how did hubby do??

  2. I was so relieved you said that the online classes you are taking are crap. I just did some of mine this weekend and have to say that I learned NOTHING…I thought it was just me! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It sucks that your classes were so crappy. Our education sessions weren’t all that enlightening either.

    Good luck with the credit card stuff. We’re trying to pay stuff off in preparation to adopt too.

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