Posted by: perchancetodream | June 29, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Everyday for the past week or two I’ve mentally cataloged the list of things I needed to blog about. But one thing or another keeps getting in my way: work, freelancing, sleep, a good book….so forgive this rather disjointed round-up (again!).

First off, a huge welcome to the world to Coleman, PeeSticksandStone‘s son who was born a week ago today.  Mother, baby, and father too! are doing great and I can’t wait to meet the baby when I’m in New York next month on business.  Please stop by her site and offer your congrats and read about her surprisingly easy birth story.

Another welcome to….our new kitten.  When I got my first cat, in 1988, it was after YEARS of wishing for a pet.  I set out deliberately that day to choose a kitten and got a best friend, Nym, who lived to be 17.  I got our current cat in 2006 when hubby was still living in the UK and we were waiting for immigration to work it’s magic.  We wandered into a store that was holding an adoption fare and the cat, Willow, chose him and that was that.  And she’s a great and constantly entertaining cat.  But she isn’t a lap cat and I missed that about my old cat.

We’d thrown the idea around about getting a 2nd cat.  Willow is extremely attached to our dog and I thought some feline company would be good for her when we take the dog away hiking for the weekend.  And I really wanted another fluffy thing that wanted to be curled up beside me. And seeing Calliope’s post on her lost cat made me yearn for one – and a longhair this time. We visited a pet store that was having an adoption fare.  We went for corn to feed the squirrels. I played with 2 kittens.  Both were nice and sweet but neither was THE ONE.

I remembered that there was another store around the corner that fosters rescued cats.  We peeked in.  And I narrowed it down to 3.  One, a silver tabby was beautiful and sweet but neither a total lapcat nor totally playful like Willow is. One, a pure white cat, came and sat on my lap the minute I sat on the floor.  There was a “meant to be” quality to it but…she just wasn’t what I was looking for.  All the while, a little grey ball of tribble-like fur with four white paws was darting around the store.  She’d come close enough to say hello and would be off like a shot.  The more time we spent there, the more she ventured out.  And I knew we’d found our kitty.

First day home

First day home

Hubby has been tolerant enough to let me name her Dindi (pronounced Jinji) after one of my favorite Frank Sinatra songs.  It’s a bit of homage to my dad who is the world’s biggest Sinatra fan and the name suits her.

She’s made friends with the dog.  Willow….well, the hissing is getting less.  We’ll see what happens.  At the moment, Dindi is curled up behind me on my chair so I guess I was right about her being fine once she was out of the store and used to us! 🙂

Like most people, I spent the rest of the weekend watching coverage of the Michael Jackson situation.  I’d wanted to write about it but…..I couldn’t put what I was thinking into words.  I wasn’t the hugest fan in the world but I respected the hell out of him as a musician.  I’m grateful that Becky at MommyWantsVodka wrote this post. Yes, this is what I wanted to say. We’re all guilty. And it’s sad.

On the adoption front….I have my 2-hour individual interview with our SW on Thursday.  I’m trying to go in with an open mind but she has a very defensive manner that puts me off.  She’ll say that there are no right or no wrong answers but then act differently when I answer her questions.  I’m going to do a LOT of deep breathing before I go to see her.  I need to be calm, and pleasant and tell her what she wants to hear without denying the truth.  Can I do it?  I’ll have to.  But I’m not looking forward to it.

There’s more, I’m sure but I’m also crunched at work.  Another post in and of itself but first I need to do it and then I can blog about it! 🙂



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Means a lot.

    I thought of you today. A friend of mine who suffered infertility, and then had a bio child with no medical intervention just adopted a boy from China. They were approved 12/07 and just got him this week. Their journey has been harrowing. I tell you this not to deter you, but to strengthen you on. I hope it doesn’t come across assy. To see the love in their eyes and the beautiful addition to their family, I know it has all been worth it. Thinking of you during your home study…

  2. I miss you when you don’t blog.

  3. Just a thanks to both of you – Becky and A – you both have your hands full with the trials of your own lives and you still find the time to leave touching and inspirational comments. I wish I was as good as the two of you!

    A – Thanks for that. I’m very confident that, if we get through the home study, this will all be worth it. There is a lot of positive information coming from Bulgaria and I’m really looking forward to getting over this hurdle and moving on and finally getting to the place your friends are in.

    Becky – cause you have nothing else to do? Seriously…thanks. There are days when I wonder if anyone is reading so it helps to know that someone is reading….

  4. That is one cute cat! So fluffy. But the eyes are a little crazy… is she up to a bunch of mischief?


  5. Jem – she really isn’t so mischievous. Playful yes but she’s actually quite sweet, thankfully!

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