Posted by: perchancetodream | June 15, 2009

Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)

June 6th was our 7th anniversary.  We’ve been pretty good about keeping to the “traditional” or the newer “modern” gifts.  You know….the first anniversary is “paper”, the second is “cotton”, etc….

Well, the 7th is either “Copper” or “Wool”.  Yeah…um…. Copper is mostly garden features.  Our rented garden is already highly featured and wool….well, I like sheep but you don’t get a lot of them in Nashville.  So I was stumped.

Somewhere along the line, I started asking myself what I’d get hubby without those restrictions.  And I looked at the spreadsheet where I list any gift ideas that happen to come to me.  One of them was “Glam.our Sh.ots”.  You know, that mall-based photo shop?  But I’d heard so many bad things about them and then the one here went out of business so….

First off, I have to explains that hubby is a visual person.  I’m not.  I like to have photos of my love-ones and old family photos are my most-prized possessions (as so many of my family has passed away) but I don’t really have photos on my ipod, etc….I just don’t look at them like that.  But he does.  And when he’s away, he asked me to send him photos.  There is nothing more uncomfortable for someone who doesn’t like to be in photos than to be asked to take some of yourself.  But I’ve tried.

And I liked the idea of doing it “the right way”, you know, with a professional and all. So I started scouring the internet.  And believe me, I came up with some, um, interesting, photographers.  I settled on one whose work I really loved.  Her photos were sexy but not vulgar or really even all that revealing.  She also held day-long marathons in a B&B, booking four woman in a day and had hair and make-up people onsite along with a stable of “costumes”.

We chatted by email and she immediately put me at ease.  Well, as much at ease as I could be given the post-infertility 20 pounds that haven’t shown any sign of going away.  I deliberated waiting until Xmas to do this but was, frankly, stumped for an anniversary gift (See….Xmas is about a month before hubby’s birthday and then comes Valentine’s Day and then our anniversary by which time I’m plum out of ideas). And it just seemed to be the “right” gift.

I was about to put down my deposit when the photographer got some horrible health-related news. And I was back at square one.  She gave me the name of another photographer who didn’t really seem to be the right fit and he suggested someone else and….although I was a bit sceptical, I hired her.

We met for a consult. Exchanged ideas.  Planned out the day.

On the day of the shoot, I went and got a manicure (a rare occurrence made rarer by the lack of inexpensive nail salons around here) and then met the photographer and make-up guy at the hair studio.  As someone whose idea of hair care involves slathering my hair with the appropriate products and then letting it air-dry (unless it’s REALLY a special occasion when I whip out my diffuser), the lengthy process of having my hair curled and the straightened and stuck into place was really a trip.

Then the make-up and boy was this an experience.  I can put on a bit of light foundation, lipstick and mascara.  But this was the full-blown deal including false eyelashes.  I kid you not when I say that the process took well over an hour. This was an amazing experience.  I’ve never felt so doted on – at the same time, I kept thinking about TV stars who have to go through this all the time. AH, now I see why they have to get into shoots so early! 🙂

We then all converged back at my house.  The photographer brought a ton of clothes and costumes (including more sets of ruffled panties – which I didn’t use – than you could shake a stick at). And we covered my amazing leopard-print chaise lounge in a crimson and gold tapestry.  I settled on a black bustier and accessories (including a mix of my grandmother’s and her grandmother’s rhinestones).  While I was nervous at first, they both had me laughing through the whole thing.  And she was great a direction so I didn’t feel like I had to wing it on my own.

We did some more shots upstairs in the mini-kilt my Scottish hubby had made for our first anniversary. And then some in an antique blue silk negligee that the photographer brought.  It literally took hours but was such a surprisingly good time that I was sad to see it end.

As hubby was coming home from work though, I had to remove the false eyelashes and the bulk of the makeup.  I didn’t have the heart to wash my hair out though as I don’t think I’ll ever get it looking that good again.

I chose from an online album and had prints made and put them all in a…..copper photo album (had to work that copper in somehow) and they were a hit.  I literally catch my breath when I look at them – I can hardly believe it’s me.  Amazing what you can do with some good make-up, the right lighting and just a little bit of photoshopping! 🙂


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