Posted by: perchancetodream | May 27, 2009

All The News That’s Fit to Read

While we seem to have reached a type of truce with our SW…only time will tell.

In the meantime, two things caught my eye this afternoon.

The first is that Holt International has stopped accepting new applications for their Bulgarian program.  Holt was one of the three agencies we’d considered but the most restrictive of the three.

One of their waiting families posted a note today that they received from Holt:

First, in case you haven’t already noticed from the website we are no longer accepting new families into the Bulgaria at this time. I wanted families currently in the program to be aware of this. The reason is not anything new to you. As you all know Holt re-opened the Bulgaria Program and there have been uncertainties from the beginning. Because we’re still unclear as to time frames and ages of children, and we’ve been told it will be 18-24 months from the time the dossier arrives to Bulgaria to the time of referral, we are feeling like it would be good to get a better sense of how realistic these time frames are before bringing any more families into the process. We also would like to get a better sense of the profile of child and just how young children will be referred.….Even though we aren’t certain how young children will be available in Bulgaria , we do know the children will be at the youngest 3 years.

This actually contradicts other information I’ve heard and read and I’m sure the adoption forums will be all abuzz and I wait to hear what they say.  That 18-24 month time-frame is consistent with what I’ve heard.  The age, however, isn’t.  As we’re looking to adopt a 3 year-old, I’m not yet overly concerned but it does bear watching….

The other, more or less unrelated post comes from nashvillist:

Nashville is 11th among America’s Bargain Cities, according to Forbes. We were ranked on four criteria – Cost of living, housing opportunity, unemployment rate and average salary. The good news is that we were 6th out of 50 in both cost of living and housing opportunity, and the bad news is that we were 49th out of 50 in average salary rankings.

Yup – that sums up nashville.  Although honestly….cost of living (food, tax) is HIGH.  There is a lot of housing but in our area, the median house price is $436K.  It’s only the really downtrodden areas that are balancing this out for these ratings.


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