Posted by: perchancetodream | May 15, 2009


The more their is to write about the less time I have to write.  Things work that way.

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve made two trips to NYC. The first as my “you’re done with IF treatments, you’re out of your frustrating job” celebration and the second for work.  Both reminded me of how very much I love the city.  If I could move our beautiful neighborhood into NYC, I’d be thrilled beyond belief.  But obviously that isn’t going to happen.  Sigh.

Anyhow….for those who asked….our beautiful Ollie had surgery this week.  It’s so frustrating to keep seeing bits of him cut out.  There are smarter dogs out there and dogs who listen more but he’s the sweetest animal I’ve ever come across and he doesn’t deserve this.  Hopefully the lab will say that the lump was nothing or…the it was something but that they got it all.  We just have to wait and see.  In the meantime, he’s being a trooper about it all.

Those who know me in real life know that I’ve often had a lot of milestones happen on Thursdays.  I was born on one.  Hubby and I met on one.  We got married on one.  Our one “working” IUI was on one.  And yesterday the first social worker (SW) visit for our international adoption home study was on one.

I had no real idea of what to expect.  SW and I had corresponded by email but in person she definitely wasn’t what I pictured in my head.  Not that that’s bad.  I’m just saying….

We discussed a lot of basics about adoption.  About us.  About the copious amounts of paperwork that we need to fill out.

Our first packet of forms includes:

  • An application
  • A financial overview form
  • Medical history forms for both of us
  • Instructions for getting our FBI fingerprints
  • A Disclosure forms
  • Personal History forms (where you have to talk about your childhood, your expectations, etc….)
  • Information on reference letters (from each family and 3 friends)
  • and info on criminal background checks which for me means getting info from each of the six states I’ve lived in since turning 18.

I’m pretty good at paperwork and bureaucratic bull.  I did the paperwork for both of out immigrations so I’m up for this. If you can be up for such a thing.

Emotionally, the meeting took a lot out of me.  When SW first talked about “bringing your child home” I had tears in my eyes. Hubby made a good point that we never really believed (however much we hoped) that IF treatments would work.  But this is a surer thing so it feels more real in many ways.

We talked about how I felt about ending the IF treatments. And about whether we’d accept referral of a sibling group (we’re still working this one out). By the time we got home, I was in need of a stiff drink.  Having to watch everything I’m saying takes a lot out of me! 🙂

There are more meetings to come – both individually and together.  I completely understand the need for the study but you know, I could happily do without it and it’s just the beginning…..

Still it feels good to be taking this step. It felt to me that we were very united in it something that was harder to feel with IF treatments as I was the one at the clinic in the mornings and I was the one getting the shots, etc…… This is more something that we’re doing together.

On a totally different topic, NEXT Thursday I meeting with someone to develop hubby’s anniversary gift.  It’s a shame that I can’t talk about it now because I’m sure it’s going to be a very bloggable experience but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Fridays may be the start of the weekend but really, I’m liking Thursdays these days….



  1. Mazel Tov on your first meeting. So amazing….it sounds like it’s all going to be worth it, though!

    Also, good luck on the 21st! Can’t wait to hear about it!!!

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