Posted by: perchancetodream | April 13, 2009

Kill Fee

Having ten days left at my current job means that I’m filling my time with (1) typin up lose ends (2) writing manuals in case they ever sort of who will be taking over various parts of my duties, and  (3) getting ready for my new job and generally surfing the web.

As I sat down today to set up the online payments for my credit cards, I got a shock.  I saw an amount, just under $2K with my old clinic listed as the merchant.  I hyperventalated for a second before picking up the phone to call the clinic.  As I choked out that I hadn’t seen Dr. Celebrity for almost a year and the billing person was pulling up the record, I noticed something odd.  The amount was in the wrong column.  It was a refund. From our IVF cycle.

The way the grant worked was that you paid a set fee.  The grant paid everything else.  The fees were then submitted to the insurance company and anything they covered was refunded AFTER the entire group’s (multiple patients thrown onto a spreadsheet so that the clinic can manage the billing all at once) cycles had ended. When I got a check from them for $43 last fall, I figured that was it. But I was wrong.  I don’t know how many people were in the group but obviously, at least one person had a successful cycle and had a baby last month. It wasn’t us.

The refund we just got (unfortunately refunded back to the credit card instead of refunded as a check) amounts to just over 1/3 of our fee.  I’m happy to have it.  It will allow us to buy a grill or talk in more concrete terms about a vacation we want to take next year, or just take some financial pressure off. And in reality, we would have received the discount whether we’d gotten pregnant or not.  But it still feels a little bit like a “kill fee” you get when you’re hired to write something and the editor either doesn’t like it or cancels the project.  It thanks you for your time but tells you that you failed.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful.  It was a very nice surprise on a Monday morning.  And I’m otherwise quite happy at the moment.  But still…..



  1. You can contact the CC company and ask *them* to send a check. Assuming that you’re better with your money than us, because that’d just go towards our balance…

    I know, though. You’d rather have the prize, not the refund

  2. Yeah, I think that definitely goes into the “bittersweet” pile.

    I hate it when IF stuff stumbles back into my life- feels like getting side-swiped, even when it means you’re $1000 better off.

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