Posted by: perchancetodream | April 3, 2009

The Passing of Time

Three weeks from today is my last day in my current job.

Three weeks from tomorrow I’ll be flying to NYC (unfortunately without hubby) for a weekend of friends, music, chinese food eating (there is no good chinese in Nashville) and the chance to take in all of the peace of peesticksandstones’ new nursery.

Four weeks from Monday I will return to my old job although as a telecommuter.

May will also include our first visit with our social worker for our home study, our physicals for our home study (and because we both need them), a day trip back to NYC for business and various plans in anticipation of our anniversary in June.

I had a conversation with a current co-worker yesterday about how I’d been here until 9.30pm the night before while trying to get our new website launched.  Our bosses are in  a tropical paradise both for business and pleasure at the moment so I sent an email before I left the office letting everyone know of the status.  They sent an email to staff asking us not to call before 1pm because of the time difference.  But at no point did they address my email or even say “thanks for your hard work SINCE YOU’VE ALREADY GIVEN NOTICE AND YOU JUST WORKED A 12-HOUR WORK DAY”.

My co-worker made the observation that since they work 24-hours a day they don’t think is’s anything special when we do it.  Ha!  We talked a bit about what I was looking forward to once I’m back in my old job – not the least of which is having a work day that ends at 4pm instead of 6pm.  We talked about all of the things I’d be able to do: mostly, get my life back, be able to work out, be less stressed, read, have time to do more than come home and cook dinner before falling asleep.

And she said, “Yes, at your age, you’re entitled to want that.”


Okay, she’s in her late 20’s and works ridiculous hours and has a number of active hobbies on the side.  But WHAT?

I rarely feel old.  But damn…..

I’m consciously leaving a job that sounds really “Sexy” on paper – Digital marketing manager of a cool record label – for one that makes people’s eyes glaze over when I tell them what I do – Marketing and Communications Manager of a religion-based women’s non-profit.  If I loved working here, I probably wouldn’t do it.  But I don’t.  It isn’t the job, it’s the mismanagement and amazing level of personal dysfunction.

Yes, there are a million advantages to the choice I’m making: a significant increase in salary, retirement fund, life insurance, shorter hours, more vacation, more holiday time, a boss who is rational and responsive, co-workers who I consider friends outside the office, leave once the adoption comes through, the opportunity to work from home…..

But the work isn’t “sexy”, I know that. I will probably be able to go back to my freelancing through to offset it but no, I guess I HAD to make the mature decision.  The adult decision. Does that make me old????



  1. I think it’s a mature decision to make AT ANY AGE. Maybe your current co-worker is simply naive and overworks at a thankless job! Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Good luck with the switch. Even if other people don’t think the switch is “sexy” – you will be so much happier (and *that* is sexy).

  3. None of that makes you old. Mature, maybe. Wise, sure. But not old!

    I think that there is this socially-acceptable notion that when people first graduate from college, or first start out in the world on their own, that THEN is the time to work themselves into the grave, but that after 10 or 15 years of that, then you kind of realize there’s more to life and you seek more work/life balance.

    It’s like its okay to work yourself to death to make a name for yourself, or to get ahead. I bet she thinks you’ve ‘arrived’ and so don’t need to prove yourself anymore.

    Or she’s an ignorant little brat.

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