Posted by: perchancetodream | March 30, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

It’s not raining.  But it is Monday.

On the positive front:

  • I have 20 days left at my current job
  • The project I’ve been working on since I started here will go live on Wednesday
  • The laptop (with dock) has been approved for my new/old job
  • Hubby and I have booked a vacation for our anniversary in June.  We’ve rented a cabin and are going to the Blue Ridge Mountain area in North Carolina. It isn’t anything grand but it should be very nice and actually not so much different from our honeymoon trip to Cornwall.
  • Today is our puppy’s 5th birthday!  So happy birthday Ollie! (not that he reads this blog, as far as I know, but I guess we never know what our pets are up to while we’re at work!)
  • We have a date for the initial meeting with out social worker in May.
  • I’ve finally made a start at trying to compile a spreadsheet detailing the various payments/timing requested by the various placement agencies we’re looking at so that I can compare apples to apples.  None of the agencies really do this in the same way.
  • I’ve had a reasonably south-beach-diet -esque day in my quest to lose the 20 pounds that are the legacy of our infertility treatments.  I’m determined to really make a start on this and would like to see some advances by our anniversary.

On the not-so-positive:

  • Our big gift to ourselves this spring/summer, now that we’re both gainfully employed is a gas grill.  Unfortunately, the one we want (best brand, one of their more reasonable models) is twice what we budgeted.
  • I still have 20 days in my current job.
  • This is our 7th anniversary and hubby and I have been great about giving each other creative gifts based on the traditional/modern gifts for that year.  The 7th anniversary is wool and copper. Great……
  • Hubby and I were brought up with completely different attitudes about debt.  His family had none.  Mine invited it in like a long-lost cousin.  I’m fine with having debt so long as I know how/when it will be paid.  I usually take a long-term view of things anyhow so it rarely stresses me out.  Hubby, who is more “live in the moment” is the opposite.  And that aspect of adoption is freaking him out.  We don’t often discuss it actually but we did this weekend.  A past grant-writer, I plan to start applying for grants as soon as the home study is complete (most grants won’t allow you to apply until then).  I was going to do this anyhow but I need to put his mind at rest before it ends up coloring the whole adoption process.
  • As my body has realized that it no longer has to be up to the task, I’m on day 35 of this cycle.  Something in the first repronex cycle really seems to have gotten my body off-kilter and I’m not sure why.
  • As part of the home study process we need check-ups and medical releases.  I’m not worried about it per say.  Neither of us has the type of health issues they look out for.  But, honestly, however reckless it is, I could do without seeing a doctor for a while.  Instead, I’m going to make an appointment so that the minute my insurance kicks in I can see someone.  Guess I’m going to have to ask them about all those odd thyroid tests while I’m there.  Sigh…..
  • It’s only Monday.


  1. I’m jealous of your planned vacation. We haven’t had one in years – thanks to cycles and work – and I’m guessing we won’t be going anywhere with twins in tow!

    And since today is Tuesday – congrats on only 19 more days!

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