Posted by: perchancetodream | March 18, 2009

Dear Soon-to-be-ex-Boss:

Dear Soon-to-be-ex-Boss:

You do remember that uncomfortable little talk we had last week right?  The one where I said that I loved what your company did with a passion that went down to the depths of my soul but that I absolutely couldn’t work in your office without losing my sanity?

That was the same meeting where you very unapologetically told me that you knew that doing everything at the last minute without any organization or responsiveness didn’t work for most of the staff but that since you’d stayed in business for so long it must work in the longrun.

So perhaps you also remember that before you hired me, this position was open for about 6 months.  And before that it was a revolving door of cheap, young, well-meaning employees who didn’t have the first idea of how to do the job. One of those employees was even driven to a nervous breakdown (which of course I found out AFTER I started here). And you might remember that the job they were hired to do is about 1/3 of what I’m doing and without the deep knowledge of at least 3/4 of your inventory.

Hopefully some day you’ll realize that by continuing to be unresponsive to your own staff and to the people actually creating the products that you sell, you’re really shooting yourself and the industry in the foot.

But in the meantime….

WHY are you starting huge projects that no one on staff (including yourself) has the time or experience to manage? And why are you telling me about these plans in such as way as to infer that you expect me to do something about them when the only reason I’m staying this long is to finish a project that’s consumed my ever working moment for the past 6+ months?

Of course I’m still going to give you 100% while I’m here but… start a HUGE long-term project now when you say that you don’t have time to handle what already exists and your staff comes in on weekends and stays late at night….is there logic in this? And you really expect me – your disgruntled and underpaid soon to be ex-employee to really do anything to begin this insane project that you shouldn’t be doing anyhow when I know that it’s just going to come crashing to a halt when I leave because your current plans to hire a nice, very smart, young (cheap) and highly inexperienced person to possibly take on this roll is going to fail desperately?

-Your Happily Soon to be Ex-Employee who desperately hopes that you don’t end up destroying the product that you put out.



  1. Hey, Been out for some time and just catching up… what a journey through it has been huh? Wish you the best as you adjust to the new normal both at home and at work!

  2. You rock. Amen!

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