Posted by: perchancetodream | March 13, 2009

The Deed is Done

Either Mr. and Mrs. Company Owner are more estute than I give them credit for.  Or my company has a snitch.

I FINALLY got to meet with them to give notice.  The fact that they were both in the room was a HUGE red flag.  Neither flinched when I said that I love what the company does but I can’t work here.  Perhaps they’re relieved to see the end of my salary which is way less than I’ve made in years but way more than they cough up normally.  Perhaps, they just had a humane moment.  But they were completely cool.  Cool like “Hope you’ll still want to freelance for us”.  That type of cool.

Not apologetic about all the things making me leave.  That have made others before me leave.  But whatever.  As long as I don’t have to work with them, then they can be as non-responsive and unavailable as they want.

But there were no harsh words at all.  Nothing but positive comments and good wishes for the future.  Perhaps I’m dreaming….

The six-week count-down begins……



  1. I’m happy it went so well. What a relief! I hope they continue to behave themselves thorugh your final day.

  2. Well, that’s cool. Glad that’s over with!

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