Posted by: perchancetodream | March 4, 2009


Things that I can’t yet talk about are in flux.  How’s that for a teaser!?!  🙂

Suffice to say that if it all falls into place, and hopefully I’ll know tonight, it will open a number of doors for hubby and I, and will do away with a huge amount of stress in my life and therefore in hubby’s.  Fingers crossed…..

Nothing is really moving yet on the adoption front.  I’m slowly whittling down our agency list.  The whole process is complicated by two main issues:  (1) most agency agreements include a clause that keeps the prospective parents from blogging about the specifics of their case and agency so it’s very hard to get recommendations.  I’ve joined a number of listservs but one good or one bad review isn’t really something to go on. I’ve learned so much from other bloggers while going through the ART processes that I feel like I’ve lost my guidebook. (2) the fee schedules aren’t standardized.  Some of the agencies include their travel estimates (which I wish they wouldn’t because who can tell what airfare to Bulgaria will be in 2.5 years….), some include all of the legal fees for immigration and formal adoption, some include translation and notary services.  And some don’t.  There is no apples to apples approach.  And even though hubby things that putting things into Excel spreasheets is one of my favorite hobbies, I’ve been so busy with work and such that I just haven’t had time to pull all of these numbers together.  And frankly, I’d like to be able to  rule out some more agencies but I think I have a good sampling of genuine agencies now most of whom have some sort of payment situation where the foreign fees (which amount to the bulk of the payments) aren’t payed until you take the trip to visit the child who has been referred to you.

This is really a huge learning curve, complicated by the fact that while I know a number of people who have adopted domestically, I don’t know anyone who has adopted internationally (aside from one of hubby’s bosses but it isn’t something that he’s just going to bring up over the water cooler).

Anyhow, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to update with good news.  Stay tuned.



  1. just a tip: go to and the adoption forum there can provide you with a wealth of information. Tehre is a thread solely dedicated to users listing who their adoption professionals were, then you can private mail them to get ifnormation, good or bad.

    Good luck!

  2. I’m dying to follow you on your new journey! It’s all so exciting!

  3. I’m right here with you!

    I actually looked extensively into adoption here in the Twin Cities before I started the A.R.T — I had read quite a bit about a well-respected agency here — they’d been referenced quite a bit through our local national public radio station etc. I’d be more than happy to contact them with any suggestions they may have for your region —

    sending lots of warm thoughts your way,



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