Posted by: perchancetodream | February 6, 2009

A Dud

7/8 dpiui

I think this cycle is a dud.  The clinic just called.

Estrogen: 882

Progesterone: 58

HCG: 3 (9 days after trigger)

They’re doubling (and in some case tripling my progesterone/delestrogen/prometrium.  Honestly, there is a part of me that says “why bother?” but I don’t want to ever be in a position to doubt myself and so I’ll do what they tell me. And because you really do never know.

Guess that’s why I’ve been feeling….nothing.  Except for sick.

Guess I’ll probaby be buying that “Adoption for Dummies” book after all.

Edit:  An edit to this post because I know that there are others there who research online and look to other blogs to self-diagnose.   A progesterone level on day 7 of 58 is NOT, in itself horrible (it would be great, in fact, if I wasnt’ taking meds).  In fact, here is the low-down on this.

There is no progesterone level that indicates pregnancy, only an hCG level over 5 determines that. It is also worth nothing that progesterone pulses, so the level varies throughout the day. A high progesterone level gives more information than a low reading in that a “good” level indicates sufficient progesterone to carry a pregnancy; a lower level (in the 5-15 range) does not spell doom.


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