Posted by: perchancetodream | February 4, 2009


5/6 dpiui

If stress is an impediment to fertility then this cycle has no chance in hell.

The migration of my company’s website has begun.  And it’s all me as my intern has quit rather than drive herself into a nervous breakdown from doing too much her senior semester at school.  My freelance work is ramping up.  None of this is making me crazy, just busy without a second to sit and take stock of everything.

Things at home have been incredibly rocky this week.  I sense we’ll be okay but the fact that I need to stay calm to give this cycle every chance of working has not figured into anything. And it should have.

At 5/6 dpiui, even with my chemical pregnancies I’ve felt more than I’m feeling now.  I’ve even been question whether the progesterone shots are working at all. My lining has never been in question but I’m not really getting any of the usual progesterone symptoms.

I was going to start testing daily just to do it.  For possibly the last time. But I don’t really see the point.

In short, I wish I could hide under a rock until all of this is over.



  1. I wish I could offer you something, anything to ease this.

    I’ll be here when you come out from under your rock. I found a nice neighboring rock I’ll be hiding under until it all begins.



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