Posted by: perchancetodream | January 30, 2009

Another Day, Another IUI

IUI #2 is now history.  Thanks to all of you who have sent good wishes and added your prayers to the universe

I’ve been vascillating between being absolutely calm and at peace with this cycle and absolutely paranoid and out of my mind.  My current worry is about the trigger shot which we did on Wednesday night and the timing of everything.

This was the first trigger I’ve done at home.  The only thing worrying me is that every other time I’ve triggered, I’ve been sore at the injection site for about a day afterwords.  This time…nothing….It’s possible that this is because hubby gives me shots a little lower down than the nurses usually do.  It seems to hurt less and we’ve avoided hitting any veins or nerves so far.  Anyhow, so perhaps the extra padding helps?  Of course, I’m worried that I mixed the HCG wrong or drew up the wrong amount (even though I know I didn’t) or….who knows.

Also, I’m worried that the shot SHOULD have been given to me Wednesday morning instead of Wednesday night.  The nurse at the clinic insists that even washed sperm live for a few days although this contradicts everything I’ve previously read.

Anyhow… now I’m waiting.  Waiting for that primodial ooze feeling in my abdomen than means that follicles are releasing and that sperm and eggs are intermingling.  So far, I feel a little full but nothing much else.

I really want to write an eloquent post about my thoughts while lying on the table for the requisite 20 minutes after the procedure. My thoughts about this probably being the last time we’re doing this, etc  But, as usual, work bekons and it’s all so difficult to put into words.  Maybe that will be my project for the weekend.

One note about the women who has just had octuplets.  Really, I’d never begrudge a good parent the right to have a child.  But WHY do IVF after you already have SIX kids at home?  And how in the world do you convince your doctor to put so many eggs back in?  Most doctors won’t put back more than 3-4 even if you’ve never given birth and are unlikely to conceive.  Obviously this woman is capable of bearing children. I’m interested in hearing more about this.  But for now I’m just puzzled.



  1. I always worried about the trigger timing and mixing – and I have given all 4 of mine at home. So, I think its normal to feel that way, and okay that you did it at home.

    I’m sending so much sticky dust to you.

    And also curious about this woman with the now 14 children in CA whose father is going to work in Iraq and supporting her. Um, yeah. Not judging. Just wondering what the whole story is. Maybe that will help you pass the 2ww!

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