Posted by: perchancetodream | January 29, 2009

What Have We Done to Deserve This?

CD 11

The trigger shot is given and the first IUI planned for this afternoon.

But hubby is sick.  Not just “oh I’m sniffling” but sick as in “If I stand up, I’m going to pass out”.

Getting him to the clinic is going to physically be a challenge.  I’m going to be immensely impressed if we get a sample as he can’t even move to hug me without being in immense pain from muscle aches.

Aside from the fact that he feels horrible, which makes ME feel horrible, it’s his birthday.  So that’s doubly rotten.

And then there is this below.  In our last cycle.  The one where we have 18 eggs and we’ve pulled out all the stops with Heparin and Prednisone. What have I done to piss the universe off so much?

Does having a cold/flu affect my sperm?

Having a cold or flu can have a negative effect on your sperm count. In some cases men with a heavy dose of the flu have very few sperm in the ejaculate. There is also evidence that having flu can affect the DNA of the sperm. Generally doctors recommend that if you have had a heavy cold or flu recently you tell the fertility centre. They may ask you to produce a second semen sample at a later date to see if there was a negative effect on your sperm. Additionally, if you have a cold, you do not feel like producing a semen sample and this can affect the amount of ejaculate that is produced.

Key Message:
Having a heavy cold or flu recently is likely to have a negative effect on your sperm count. You should tell the doctor so he/she is aware of this.



  1. Sh&t.

    I’m sorry. (Oh, and I just swore on your blog — but I swear, I would’ve said the same had you been sitting across from me at coffee)

    I’m such an eternal optimist — I have to hope — this is why I curse Dr. Google!

    I’m still going to hold out lots and lots of hope — and send lots of healing thoughts to your husband — oh the flu is awful.


  2. I’m so sorry. What about getting him to the clinic – any luck?
    Try to stay positive, it’s not all a loss yet.

  3. This exact scenario is why my RE’s office requires the husbands to contribute an SA in advance that they keep frozen until IUI/IVF day.

    That being said, it only takes one and if nobody ever got knocked up when the guy had a cold, then there wouldn’t be any babies born in October, would there?

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