Posted by: perchancetodream | January 29, 2009

Hubby Comes Through

IUI#1 of this cycle is now history.  Hubby came through with flying colors even though he looked like he was going to pass out while we were sitting in the waiting room.

Now we get to do it again tomorrow. 🙂

While I was waiting today, I found out that my favorite nurse there was just out after having a D&C.  I truly don’t envy anyone who has to go back to work in an infertility clinic after going through that.  She’s holding it together but I’m sure it isn’t easy.

Anyhow, unfortunately, hubby’s birthday dinner for tonight is going to have to be postponed because he has no interest in moving for the rest of the day. I’m a huge celebrator of birthdays.  And all holidays really.  So it’s hard to think of us sitting on the couch tonight watching TV when we were meant to go out for dinner #1 of the celebrations (hubby wanted vietnamese and the place to go here apparently has NO atmosphere whatsoever so I planned a really nice dinner out for Saturday). But that’s what we’ll do while he’s on the mend.

Ok….just rambling now.  Why do IUIs always seem to do that to me?




  1. I was just about to close my Google Reader when I saw your post. Congrats! Hoping for a positive result for you.

  2. Go hubby!!!

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