Posted by: perchancetodream | January 28, 2009

Sparring with the Mad hatter

To pick up where my last post left off…..

The clinic just called.  And not one of the good nurses who know me and my case and who I can actually talk to and ask questions of.

My estrogen is now at 2533.

They want me to take 5 more amps of Repronex tonight and  tomorrow and come in for ultrasound and trigger.

Great except:

1. If I really DO have a follicle measuring 27, something seems wrong with taking more Repronex.

2. It seems like I might O before the IUI which would render it all meaningless.

3. That means that IUI#1 will be tomorrow afternoon (4 hours after the trigger???) and IUI#2 Friday (which is within the proper time frame but just).

4. That hubby will have to pull himself out of his sick bed ON HIS BIRTHDAY to drive me to multiple appointments and to do his bit of this as we only have one car.

5. This just doesn’t make sense.

I’ve left a message for the doctor to call me.  In the meantime, I’ve got to sort out what to tell work.

EDIT: Sometimes I’m convinced that my doctor and his staff have nothing to do with each other.  Anyhow….Dr. Ambitious just called.  We have 18 follicles.  Yes the lead is 27 but there are some at 18 and 16 which are pretty much where he wants them.

So…no more Repronex for me.  Hubby will give me the trigger shot tonight at 9pm.

IUI is tomorrow at 2.45 and IUI#2 at some undisclosed time on Friday.

BIG sigh of relief.  Hopefully hubby’s cold won’t flatten him by then and hopefully we can sort out all the necessary transport.




  1. I really hope they get back to you quickly and sort out the scheduling mess. I had a very similar experience when I moved from a NYC doctor to a doctor in another city – total chaos with the scheduling, miscommunication, and general bewilderment at different protocols by the staff. Perhaps you can write your husband a promissory note for some birthday fun after the IUIs?

  2. OH — good luck! And my god 27!!! That’s great, right? It sounds so promising — and I’m so glad that Dr.Ambitious called and cleared it all up…

    I will be thinking of you — A LOT!

    Take care of yourself — lots of fluids, protein — all that, stave off the discomfort a little anyway,



  3. Good luck darling! I don’t understand how you deal with all of this!!!

  4. Good Luck today!!!

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