Posted by: perchancetodream | January 28, 2009

Help! I’ve Fallen Down a Rabbit Hole

CD 10

Feeling a bit Alice in Wonderlandish over here.  This cycle just gets curiouser and curiouser.

So I trudge off to the clinic this morning, expecting to get my trigger shot.  I have my blood taken to measure my estrogen (for some really odd reason, my clinic doesn’t measure LH – you think they might want to make sure that I’m not surging on my own but there you have it).

I go in to see Dr. Ambitious along with….I’m not sure who she is  A nurse?  A fellow?  A med student?  Not sure but very nice and VERY southern….anyhow….Dr. A. inserts the wand and…there is a problem with the computer.  For some reason, the set up here is that Dr. A. is welding the wand and doing the measurements and the nurse or whoever stands at a PC and captures photos of each follicle.  Anyhow, the computer looks to be from about 1998 if that.  And this morning it decides it doesn’t really want to work.  So, wand still in, he instructs her on how to reboot and reset the program.  Meanwhile, he and I have our favorite conversation: comparing clinics in NYC with the ones here.  Although he’s worked in many large cities, I think he’s been here for a while and has forgotten how it works in a state with mandated coverage, allowing everyone multiple chances.  “Here,” he told me, “women have one chance at this that they’ve saved up for.  You either get them pregnant or they hate you for life.”

I guess that explains why I could never find blogs written by women here.  You don’t have time enough to get sucked in the process.   At 12K a shot for IVF, I’m sure that there aren’t a lot of people doing cycle after cycle.

Anyhow, I digress.

So, finally the computer is working and he gets back to measuring.  My lead follicle is 27.  What?  Most trigger shots are given when the lead follicle is about 20. In fact, this is the biggest measured follicle I’ve ever had.  The biggest problem with this is that it might cause me to surge on my own before we’re in place with the trigger and the IUI.  The next biggest problem is that it might be the only one to produce an egg and we don’t have time for the others to catch up (I don’t have the measurements of the others but I’m sure they’re in the mid to high teens from what they were on Monday).

So trigger?


He wants to see the Estrodial numbers first.  Now, we’d planned back to back IUIs AND they’re closed on weekends.  There is no way this is going to Monday so…..the options are now that either I’m going to trigger at home and then do an IUI tomorrow and/or Friday.  OR, he mentioned triggering on Friday AND doing the IUI on Friday.  Not only have I never heard of anyone doing this but I can’t even find anything on the internet about it (please if you’ve done this – particularly successfully, I’d LOVE to hear from you).

I know that I promised to just put myself in the hands of Dr. A. and the universe on this one but…..

Oh…AND hubby is sick with one of those coughing horrible colds he gets whenever the weather changes.  And tomorrow is his birthday.  Sigh….

However, his new boss-to-be says that he does NOT need to wait for the background check to start work. Huh???  Okay, so I think next week is D-day.  Hopefully he’ll be feeling better by then and we’ll have done this IUI thing.  But at this point, I’m not assuming anything…..

White rabbit anyone???


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