Posted by: perchancetodream | January 26, 2009

Prayers to the Universe

CD 8

A lot of seemingly unrelated news today so bear with me!

* Doctor’s visit this morning showed 17 follicles with the lead one at 15.  We’re looking at back-to-back IUIs on probably Thursday and Friday if we can get everything caught up by then.

* The rest of my thyroid tests came back normal so now I’m REALLY confused although haven’t had time to do any research into what any of it really means.

* A while back, my dad forwarded me an email from a very distant cousin.  Someone I’d never heard of much less met – the grandson of one of my great-grandmother’s siblings.  Or something like that.  Anyhow, he was creating a family tree.  Over the years/months we’ve gotten new updates from him in a variety of formats and programs but now he seems to have hit on one that really works.  I spent too much time this weekend adding photos, birth and death dates, creating new family member and asking others to update them.  Hubby has even gotten into the act and is updating his family on it which is wonder.  We can now really see our family tree.

But for all the joy that it brings, it brings sadness too.  My grandmother would have loved to see this and would have been a wealth of information. Particularly when it comes to my grandfather’s family, I realize that the information just isn’t there any more.  He came from Russia with his brother when he was 15 and his parents died shortly after.  Names were changed when they came to the US.  They were unofficially adopted by another family.  I can’t ever keep anyone or the relationships straight and now I’m not sure if we’ll ever be able to get it onto paper.

Also, there is the obvious gap when our children should/would be.  After generations of people having 7-9 kids, it flows down to this space after us.  Right now, in the midst of a cycle, I’m disconcerted and sad about this.  In a few weeks, if this last cycle tanks I can imagine not even being able to look at it for a very long time.

* On a very good front, Hubby has now had a written job offer. They voluntarily offered more than the posted hourly and it’s a job he wants to do.  They’re reputed to have the best insurance here but from what I can tell, even they don’t offer infertility coverage.  Still, I’m THRILLED for hubby that this prestigious place easily recognized his talent and the benefit that he could be to them. Of course no path runs smooth and in order to get the higher salary, they had to send his background check back to the UK.  So we’ve no idea about when he’s actually going to be able to start.

But once he does…they do offer an adoption benefit and on-site childcare.  So I suppose that makes that possibility a little more possible.

I think I mentioned before that when Hubby went for the first interview, a co-worker wrote a prayer to the universe on the board in front of her desk. It wasn’t actually a prayer as much as it was a positive statement. I asked her not to take it down until all the paperwork is signed but she said that she’d also write one (at home) for my cycle as well.  I figured that putting my 2 cents in probably won’t hurt.  So, while we’re on a streak, if it isn’t too much too ask, here it is.

Dear Universe –

2009 will be the year that Perchancetodream and her hubby have their baby.

Many thanks.




  1. delurking to send you positive thoughts and energy.

  2. Is it okay if I’m totally freaking excited about that follie count? Perhaps premature, but yay for you!

  3. I have a big smile on my face from your post today – wishing you and hubby many blessings!

  4. Oh it sounds so promising — Dear Universe: I second that!!!

    I’m thrilled to hear about your husband’s new prospects…that is a nice way to begin the new year…



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