Posted by: perchancetodream | January 23, 2009

The Glass Is: Half-Full/Half-Empty (take your pick)

CD 5

My 8am blood/ultrasound appointment turned into a 9.40 appointment after I was called late yesterday to be told that Dr. Ambitious was doing a retrieval and “why did they schedule in at 8am knowing that anyhow?” Um…don’t know…maybe because this is the most disorganized place I’ve ever had to go?????

So….went in.  Sat down to do my bloods.  Dr. Ambitious hadn’t said anything to them about watching my platelet level (due to the Heparin) so I had them add that on.  He also had them add on the TSH and other tests to see what the extent of my thyroid problems were likely to be.  He said that he suspects something called Hashimoto’s Disease that I need to research more.  What fun….

Anyhow, Lab Lady ALSO said that Dr. A. had requested three more tests: An RIP, NKa and one other.  Basically, the tests I THOUGHT we did in December.  Actually the paperwork I saw today showed that Dr. A. had ordered those tests.  But for some reason they weren’t done.  The agreement he’d made with the lab to do the tests didn’t include these as my insurancec doesn’t even come close to covering them but I’d get a discount for going through the clinic.

That’s all fine and dandy except for one thing: This is meant to be our last cycle.  If I test POSITIVE for NKa, then the Heparin therapy we’re doing is waste and I really needed IVIG.  If I test NEGATIVE then the heparin therpay is exactly what we need to be doing.  Damn…….either way, it’s too late for this cycle.

So I told them to hold off on this while they find out what it would actually cost to run these bloods.

Of course the results only matter if I (1) become pregnant or (2) we decide to do further cycles AND agree to pop for IVIG.


In them meantime, I have 18 follicles on day 5.  Dr. A. is now utterly impressed that I told him we should start on Day 2.  Hmmm….maybe I should be the one making the big bucks….

Oh, and the clinic hadn’t pre-certified my cycle because they never really knew I’d started one.  But that’s all sorted out.

On other fronts…..Hubby had a great interview with the head honcho yesterday and pending the results of his background check (which will be fine as he’s already been vetted by the FBI when he emigrated here) he was told to expect a verbal offer.  AND his birthday is next week (probably the same day as the IUI).  So it should be a fun week……..



  1. Good luck! With everything!

  2. Half FULL!! And I hope he gets the job!!!!!

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