Posted by: perchancetodream | January 22, 2009

Dr. Google to the Rescue

CD 4

My estogen levels came back strong yesterday (214 for those keeping track!) to the point that Dr. Ambitious cut my Repronex dose down to 5 amps in the am and 5 in the pm, which sound insignificant but makes it easier as there are 5 vials in a box so we don’t have to keep remembering where those left-over vials ended up.

While I was at the clinic, I got a copy of my Reoccurring Pregnancy Loss and Thyroid Panel results but I didn’t really have a chance to look them over until last night.  As Dr. Ambitious told me, most things were normal.  My clotting time was at the very bottom edge of normal (meaning, I believe, that I clot slightly too fast), which he’d told me.

What he didn’t tell me – and I’m still trying to find out why – is that my Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase (Anti-TPO) level was 454.  Normal is “under 35”.  I’m still trying to figure it all out but this could be a marker of some sort of autoimmune thyroid infection, Grave’s Disease (which my mother had), or Hashmoto’s Thyroidosis.  Interestingly, they’ve all been associated with “reproductive difficulties, such as miscarriage,pre-eclampsia, premature delivery, and in-vitro fertilization failure .”

Now isn’t that interesting?  And frustrating to find out during our last cycle.

The good thing, is there is one, is that this is treated in the infertility realm with Heparin, which I’ve already started.  (I don’t currently have an MD and so am having problems finding out what this means in the larger health sense).

Having done my research and coming across this pearl of information from noted immunologist, Geoffrey Sher,

There is compelling evidence that subcutaneous heparin (administration at a dosage of 5000 U twice daily to women undergoing IVF for female causes of infertility who test positive for APAs, but negative for NK activation), significantly improves IVF birth rates. Heparin administration is withheld on the day of egg retrieval until immediately following embryo transfer, whereupon it is recommenced and continued until the 8th week of pregnancy. Heparin is thought to act by repelling APAs from the surface of the trophoblast (early “root system” of the embryo). Provided that platelet counts are normal, are checked on a regular basis and heparin is withheld on the day of egg retrieval, its administration is virtually risk-free.

I shot an email off to Dr. Ambitious who agreed that I should do the Heparin twice a day.  Great.  Cause those shots are soooo much fun (not!).

It would have been nice if HE’D been the one to prescribe this though.  I know that I’m more of a pain in the neck than most of his patients because I’m coming in with multiple cycles behind me and I’m not afraid to ask questions or get involved in my own care.

But what about everyone else????

I’m also waiting for information on the following:

  • Did we actually test for NK cells, cause really, I don’t know how to totally read all of this lab report and if so, was the result really negative (a positive means that only iVIG would help us and it’s too late for that), and
  • I need confirmation that he is, in fact testing me, or going to test me to make sure that my platelet count stays where it should.  I don’t mind messing around with a lot of fertility drugs but drug thinners….that’s another matter!

Anyone with Heparin experience?  Would love to hear from you!!!!


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