Posted by: perchancetodream | January 21, 2009

Off and Running

CD 3

Once the nurses figured out what I was in the clinic for this morning, the appointment went well.  Dr. Ambitious made a comment about how insurance companies know everything about money but nothing about health.  Amen.  Most of his patients, it seems, do one or two cycles AT MOST, since it is all out of pocket.  Hmm…that actually explains some things about the clinic…..

Anyhow, we saw a slew of follicles (something that the clinic also isn’t used to as they typically don’t start anyone on meds before day 3), my estrogen is a respectable 216 and they’re actually pulling me back to 5 amps of Repronex until I go seem them again on Friday.

I’ve definitely decided that Heparin is the worst.  Yesterday’s shot didn’t leave as big a black and blue mark but it STINGS.  Okay, admittedly I’m a pain whimp of the first class.  But if this works, I have three months of these shots to look forward to.  Which I’d gladly do.  I’m just saying…..

And I’m getting used to the prednisone dizziness.  Well, mostly.

Thanks for all of your good wishes and crossed fingers.  Hubby is meeting with the head honcho tomorrow.  I’m more excited about it than he is because…..well, he’s just like that.  But I think this could be a really good thing for him and would be a great addition to his resume, etc……

And next weekend is his birthday.  I’m hoping we can avoid having the IUI that day.  My clinic makes it difficult by being closed on weekends.  I can’t see that they’re going to be able to stretch me out to Monday the 2nd which would be day 15 as I’ve NEVER gone that long.  But I guess we’ll see!!!!

One other note….I’m beginning to feel like the typhoid Mary of pregnancy.  It isn’t bad enough that EVERY time I turn on a TV, a character is pregnant (can they not think of any other story lines?  I mean…really!) but one of the multiple nannies for the 2 kids that live in our office (which is pretty much true), is now pregnant.  After years of trying.  After being told that she needs to start fertility meds.  They decided to take 6 months off and….oops!  Thankfully I don’t really know her so I only have to hear the stories wafting around the office.  But the part that really gets me is that, at NINE weeks, she’s telling EVERYONE..  Not only staff people here that she knows but interns she’s just met.  Even before the lovely lessons learned from infertility I knew better than to do that.  Enough said. I don’t wish any ill on her but, geeezzzz….


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