Posted by: perchancetodream | January 20, 2009



Having been through too many cycles to now count, hope has become, as it has for many who go through the IF journey, truly a 4-letter word.

That being said, three things are filling me with almost overwhelming hope at the moment.

1. The election of Obama – and the inspiring and emotionally exhausting inauguration we all huddled into a co-worker’s office to watch.

2. The fact that hubby was asked to provide references for the job he interviewed for a little over a week ago.  The economy here is horrible and the job search has been arduous. This would be a REAL job (not one settled for just to have something) that I think he’s uniquely qualified for.  All fingers are crossed – if you want to cross yours too, we wouldn’t complain! 🙂

3. We’ve FINALLY started this cycle.  I thrilled to be getting the show on the road even though I’m scared about this being our final cycle and the potential for failure.  Oh how I wish we were doing IVF instead of this crazy “as many eggs as possible” IUI.  That being said, I’m glad to be trying something new.  Yesterday I began prednisone and heparin.  (For more info on this treatment, there is some really good information towards the bottom of this page.).  The first prednisone pill (I’m on 5mg in the morning and 5mg at night) made me quite dizzy but this morning’s dose didn’t seem to have a negative effect.  The heparin shot is something I could do without though.  I’m taking a 1 ml dose in the evenings which is fine except that the syringes with the tiny thin (28 guage) needles only holds 1/2 ml.  So my options are to either take TWO shots – in the stomach – or one shot using a larger syringe and the smallest needles I have which are 27 guage.  I went with the 27 last night and I’ve already got a dime-sized black and blue mark.  Might try the 2 shots tonight. We also started Repronix this morning (6 vials in the am and 6 at night – aiming for more than the 14 follicles we got last time)

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow for a scan.  We’re doing this a little out of order but it was the only way it worked…..



  1. I too am hopeful about Obama as President. At least there shouldn’t be an negative ART legislation passed in the White House over the next 4 years. And maybe some progress will be made for infertility insurance coverage.

    Good luck with your cycle and your husbands interview.

  2. Hi there. I know I commented about heparin before. I had to use 27 gauge 1lm syringes then I had to switch to the 26 3ml ones. If your syringes have removable needles you can try switching them. I really did find icing before for about 5 minutes and after for about 20 really helped with the bruising.

    Also if it becomes a huge problem try asking for a higher concentration in the vial, I wound up switching from 10,000 units per ml to 20,000 units per ml because of my high dose.

    I am glad you are hopeful. Watching it on TV this morning was really special.

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