Posted by: perchancetodream | January 14, 2009

Missed Signals

First off…thanks to those who delurked to leave me a note…wondering who the rest of you are though! 🙂

So….Dr. Ambitious and I decided that I needed to kick start this cycle with progesterone.  So we did a shot last night and now we wait (again!) for my period.  The timing on this one is particularly frustrating as this was meant to be my last month of COBRA.  Now, however much I turn and twist the calendar, think about not going in for an official beta, etc….I think we’re going to have to pay for February.  Which sucks.  Big time.

I have been fortunate that Dr. Ambitious seems more than willing (finally) to break all the rules with me.  I have his home and work emails and he’s promptly answered all of my questions and shared advice. This morning, the receptionist at the clinic called to find out why I wasn’t there for an appointment for an ultrasound.  Well, I told her….First off, I was never told I had one.  Second, MY CYCLE HASN’T STARTED!!!!!!

She responded in a very flabbergasted voice with “Well, for some reason the doctor is handling your case – I don’t know why – and the nurses are out of the loop but they made an appointment for you.”

I wasn’t going to respond that the Doctor was handling my case because he’s going outside all of the usual clinic protocol and he doesn’t want to be getting shit from the nursing staff. It’s a crazy place this clinic.

So I’ve promised to call them on day one.  But I’m not even sure that’s going to happen.  I think he’s just going to tell me to start at home.  Which is fine although it seems like a baseline might be a good thing right?


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