Posted by: perchancetodream | January 12, 2009

A Watched Pot

Last month, I would have loved for my period to start a few days late so that we could get in a December cycle.  Instead, even following the chemical pregnancy, it came right on time when I was in Michigan visitng my grandmother.

This month, when I need to get this cycle off the ground before I’m out of insurance, I’m 4 days late.  (And no, I’m not pregnant, thanks).  I’m sure that stress is part of it.  The stress of this cycle, of waiting to see what’s going to happen with hubby’s job search and our living situation (stay here and move, move somewhere else, who knows).  But Geez….can we not catch a break and just get this started?

I have all the meds in hand along with my plan.  Once we start I will be taking:


  • 125 mg of baby aspirin a day
  • AM/PM prenatals
  • Folbic (Folic acid/B6/B12, twice a day – or rather I was but my insurance company decided not to cover it as of Jan 1 so now I’m doing the vivactiv chews which include those and more.

From Day One until a negative beta or week 15 of a successful pregnancy:

  • 5mgs of prednisone twice a day
  • one 5,000 shot of Heparin in the evenings

From Day Two until IUI (or until I’m told to change the dosage)

  • 6 vials of Repronx in the morning and 6 vials at night

After IUI and until day 14 beta (at least)

  • Some combination of progesterone shots, delestrogen pills and progesterone capsules.

Sounds like fun, huh!?!

It’s a pain, sometimes literally, but honestly, I don’t mind.  I’m just grateful to have this chance.  Well, assuming my body gets with the program…..

Oh…I realized the other day that I’m at the point where all of the other bloggers I followed when I first started are now either parents, pregnant, or deep into the adoption process.  It’s hard not to feel left behind.



  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling left behind. But I haven’t left you, I’m still here.

    In fact, I read through my enitre blog, beginning to current this weekend, and realized you were the very first person to ever leave a comment for me.

    I’m still following your journey, and still sending positive vibes your way.

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