Posted by: perchancetodream | January 9, 2009

Breaking the Rules

Like a couple who has to navigate the rules to their new relationship, Dr. Ambitious and I got off to a rocky start.  But now we seem to understand each other.

I think that if he could, he’d be running a clinic much like mine in NYC.  With multiple doctors, nurses who do IUIs, an automated scheduling and tracking system.  But instead he’s here in the slow south where nothing seems to happen with any sense of urgency.

I received an email from him yesterday (note that I can’t get an email address for any of the nurses but he volunteered his email to me) telling me that my test results had come back and that they were all normal.  I can’t say that I’m happy with that – I’d been looking at this as my one chance to FINALLY find “the problem” and hoping that the problem wasn’t my 43 year-old eggs. He wrote that we’d start the Heparin/Prodnisone regeme anyhow. I wrote back that I was waiting for my now-late period to begin. And that I didn’t know what to do if it began today or over the weekend when they’re closed.  We spoke last night and he told me to come to the office at 8am this morning even though my cycle hadn’t started.

So I got hubby up early so that he could take me to the clinic, drop me at work and then take the car for his interview. We get to the clinic and I’m told that they have me scheduled in at 10.30, that Dr. Ambitious “always” tells patients 8am without checking the schedule and that they were already double-booked (they also said that they’d left me a message yesterday but there was no message on my phone….).  So we sat there.  And sat there.  The nurse came out to reiterate their scheduling problems.  We compromised and she asked the doctor if I could have my bloods drawn and just skip the ultrasound.  He agreed.

So basically, whenever my cycle starts, I’m beginning with the Heparin/Prednisone and then on day 2 with Repronex.  With no ultrasound and more than a little confusion on Heparin dosages and injections (I know you’re meant to give these in the stomach but cant they also be done in the upper thigh like Follistim????).  I’ve emailed him to doublecheck on just what 10,000 units of Heparin means on the syringe.

My doctor in NY would be having a fit if he knew about all of this.  But then, as Dr. Ambitious says, he didn’t get me pregnant.

It’s Friday.  Hubby has a job interview with the most desireable place to work around here. We’re seeing Laser Floyd tonight. We’re starting our last (?) cycle. There is hope.


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