Posted by: perchancetodream | December 19, 2008

December is the Cruelest Month

I don’t remember what that’s a quote from but I agree.

My grandmother died this morning. The funeral is Sunday and I fly back on Monday – the one year anniversary of last year’s D&C after my miscarriage.  Next week is the 30th anniversary of my mom’s death from Leukemia.

I’m very ready for January and 2009.



  1. *hugs*

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m so sorry.

  2. Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing. I hope you will find lots of comfort and love in the people around you at this time. May your sore heart be soothed by memories of good times spent together.

    Thinking of you…

    Love and hugs!

  3. so so sorry for your loss, sweetie. Hope 2009 gets here for you SOON.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Am happy for you that you were able to see her one last time before she passed. Will be wishing you safe travels.

  5. I found your site in the past week, during a two week wait. Reading your blog helped me alot in the last few days. Sorry to hear of your loss – death is sad and bewildering. Take care of yourself; I got absent minded after the death of one close relative.

  6. I’m so sorry about your grandmother’s death. I hope January and all of 2009 brings you many wonderful things.

  7. So sorry.

  8. Oh no,

    I am so sorry. I had wonderful advice from a professor once when my grammy died — she said that if I found myself floating around I should feel my feet on the floor, my seat in the chair — it helped anchor me in those unreal days of grief.

    Oh, my friend, I”m sorry.

    May 2009 soothe the pain of the previous….



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