Posted by: perchancetodream | December 15, 2008

Under the Wire…or possibly not

I just heard from Dr. Ambitious that he was successful in convincing the lab to do my “recurrent pregnancy loss” and “Thrombophila” panels for my normal co-pay.

Why this wasn’t done or suggested before is beyond me.  In casual conversation with him, I mentioned PeeSticksandStones pregnancy and everything she’d gone through and he said that we should try to do the testing through our lab.

I’m all for getting the to bottom of this.

However…..from the research I’ve done, the “work around” for a positive result is IVIG.  Which has a 75% reported success rate.

But also with a hefty, not-covered-by-insurance price tag.  And here we are with hubby unemployed and my insurance due to run out in just over a month.

That would be my luck.



  1. I think that’s a wonderful sign that you had that conversation and he was receptive — and too I think of the resources of this community — to find that info and bring it to Dr. Ambitious — my doctor looked a bit nervous when I mentioned an internet community of infertiles (yes, and we’re all talking about you doctor.)

    The cost of all of this is so mind-boggling — I wish I were more of an activist because it seems so unfair that this comes down to money!


    Here’s to hoping there’s good news… on all fronts.

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