Posted by: perchancetodream | December 5, 2008

No Big Surprise

The clinic just called and because my nurse was out sick, it was lab-lady who called and wouldn’t leave a message. That meant I had to talk to someone.  Which I was hoping to avoid.  They’re always SO sorry and you can’t say anything other than “it’s okay” even though it isn’t. Voicemail is my MUCH-preferred method of relaying information I already know.

Anyhow, I have a consult with Dr. Ambitious on Wednesday. To discuss argue about whether we can do a December cycle (assuming that my next cycle starts when it’s meant to).

Maybe now he’ll admit that it’s possible that, at 43, my eggs suck and that it wasn’t just my NY clinic doing something wrong.

By the way – between my “real” job and my heavy-duty freelance job, I’ve been a horrible correspondant (not just in the blog world, but in general).  Apologies to all who have commented, particularly WorldGirl who manages to make time in her own busy life to reach out with hopeful and articulate comments.  I WILL try to make it up to you.



  1. Oh I understand the preferred voicemail delivery — I just don’t like to hear them deliver the news in person — the awkward pause. I always have hopes each time — ridiculously optimistic — not just for myself but others too — and so I remain…

    and I totally drop off the planet sometimes — so no worries here…

    You know what you can do for me? Eat some chocolate, or take a bath, read a good book — snuggle with DH … in a few words — just take care of yourself my friend.



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