Posted by: perchancetodream | November 30, 2008



9 days seems to be the turning point in my cycles.  It was the first strong positive I got last October and the time, in more recent cycles where my symptoms receed and bold lines fade.

That’s where we are again. The cramps, nausea, gas, fullness and tenderness have all lessened (even since yesterday). The POAS line has become one of the faint “only at the right angle/in the right light ones.

My beta isn’t until Friday but I’m pretty sure this cycle is over. 14 follicles and we can’t even get one to stick.

Tomorrow I’m calling the clinic to find out if they’re open the week of Christmas.  If we’re able to do another round next cycle, the IUI would be sometime around December 21st.  If they’re closed, I’m going to talk to hubby about doing a “tons of repronex/monitoring/trigger and timed intercourse” cycle.  It’s better than losing the whole month.

Although sometimes I wonder why we’re bothering. My body doesn’t seem to want to create life.


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