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I’ve thought long and hard about not updating my blog until next Friday, the day of the beta. For some reason, it’s very hard for me to deal with well-meaning friends and family this cycle who are overly-invested in our success/failure.  With everything else going on (finances and the timing of everything which may make the planned next cycles iffy) I really need to just stay on an even keel and not think too much.

But on the off-chance that someone in the IF community has some insight on progesterone numbers (why is Google just failing me this cycle?), I figured I’d give this a go.

So the nurse called on Wednesday (5dpiui) with my progesterone number. She said that my level was “3”, “8”, “2”.  I thought she meant 382 but when I googled, everyone had numbers like 24.6 so it was probably 38.2.  I asked her what it was meant to be and she said “around “3”, “8”, “2””.  Then I read somewhere that every 20 points represents a released egg.  I don’t even want to do that math.

For some odd reason, my clinic also tests HCG at the same time.  I’m not really sure why.  Anyhow, the nurse had said that she usually doesn’t even tell people that they run the test but I think I’ve reached “veteran” status and she and I have a rapport so she shared that info.  On 5piui, my HCG was 14.  Normally, with the usual 10,000 units of HCG to trigger, I’d totally ignore that.  But this time, they only gave me 2,500 in hopes that they wouldn’t overstimulate me. (Doing THAT math, it should have been out of my system by last Saturday or Sunday).

I confess that I broke down and tested yesterday and got a quick and distinct line.  But who the heck tests positive 7 days past their IUI?  I’ve got a history of getting positives that fade into nothing come beta-day.

Anyhow, but like I said, I’m REALLY not thinking about this (REALLY!) yet.  And if I know you and you aren’t hubby or someone in the IF community, we don’t need to discuss it at this point.

Off to eat more turkey, I think……



  1. Oh I wish I had some information on progesterone — my only experience was my own first with my clomid and IUI’s — it never got very high at all — like 8.9 or something…and then once I did Follistim and IUI I had truly high numbers — mine was 78 — I knew going into the trigger that I had two mature follicles — but we also knew I had a mild overstimulation. I have never, not once, had a double line — so I have to believe that is in your favor.

    I hope other readers have more valuable information than I do!

    Thinking of you,


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