Posted by: perchancetodream | November 22, 2008



IUI #……..yeesh….is done.

I have to say that Dr. Ambitious performed the fastest, least painful one I’ve had. I’m sure I’ll make up for it now that the sperm are co-mingling with the 10-14 follicles that are waiting to fill their dance cards.

Actually I am starting to cramp up which, while MUCH better than feeling nothing at all, is making me hyper vigilant for signs of over-stimulation. And wondering a bit what the infection that hubby’s sample showed (they were able to clean out the “round” sperm) is.  Why can’t we get rid of these damned infections and what is causing them? Sigh….as if we needed another strike against us.

Tonight starts delestrogen shots.  Honestly, not even sure what it is but we add progesterone to it tomorrow.  Oh joy.

Aside from all the physical stuff and the fact that I can’t drink, I’d hoped to rather ignore the fact that we’d just done an IUI.  I mean, the odds are SOOOOO slim that anything will work at this point and I just don’t want to get my hopes up. But the few people in my office who know are making this impossible.  Yesterday two co-workers came to my house with lunch and flowers.  When I said “You know, this is IUI #9 or something it really isn’t that big of a deal” one replied “But it’s OUR first one!”.  Okay, I was grateful and touched but now I have an audience to my potential failure.  Great….

To take my mind off things we all treked to see Twilight last night.  I won’t provide any spoilers except to say that the first third of the movie SUCKED (and not in a gorgeous vampire-like way).  The last 2 thirds were pretty good.  I liked the casting a lot but the script and direction really irked me.  Why couldn’t they take a page from Harry Potter’s book – those movies manage to capture all the really important parts of the books but this… much info was left out that I can’t imagine that anyone who goes in without reading the books really have a clue.

I’ve spent today in a tizzy about that and my overly-ambitious Thanksgiving dinner.  As it’s just Hubby and me and the animals, you think I’d keep it simple but….I love holidays.  I’m a total junky.  I can’t imagine not doing them “right”.



  1. i hope this is the one for you…

  2. Sending you good and healthy vibes!

  3. good luck, my wonderful darling! Speaking of Harry Potter, Marci and I saw EQUUS on saturday night. Ahhhhhhhhhh! It was totally impulsive and we had awesome seats (thank you TKTS!!) Got DR’s and Richard Griffiths’ autographs. Ah! We’ll talk later.

    I’m sending you happy, relaxing vibes too!!

  4. Aww, your co-workers are so sweet. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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