Posted by: perchancetodream | November 12, 2008

One For My Baby…and one more for the road

CD 3

So, drum roll please……we’re actually doing an honest to g-d cycle! Yeah, I know, I’m shocked too!

So in this crazy, pull-out-all-the-stops IUI cycle (seriously, this is more intensive than my IVF was!), I’m now taking 5 amps of Repronex in the morning. AND 5 amps at night.  We won’t even talk about what the recommended daily max is according to the manufacturer.And we won’t talk about the clinic charging me $100 for a “med lesson”.  Forget the fact that we’ve done this now how many times?  But come on, they actually CHARGE for going over your schedule with you and showing you how to load a needle?

In the initial calendar, I wasn’t meant to go back for a scan until Monday (day 8 – because of course they dont do scans and such on the weekends). But I did insist on coming back before then – between the amount of meds and the fact that in the past, my IUIs have been done between days 9 and 11, it seemed prudent.  Thankfully, the nurse agreed so I’m back on Friday.

I’m sure that we’re not out of the craziness woods yet as my progesterone showed up yesterday and it was double the strength of what I’d been taking and the label prescribed the same huge amount (at double the strength) that I took the other night that almost got me to go to the emergency room.  That is NOT happening and even Hubby said that he refuses to give it to me at that dose.  Thankfully we have another week to argue that one out with the clinic.

To add to this fun, we have our first houseguest this weekend. The guest is a dear friend of ours from the UK but if anyone knows what to do with a vegetarian non-drinker in Nashville, please let me know! 🙂


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