Posted by: perchancetodream | November 9, 2008

Broken Record

I feel like a broken record.  One delay after another.  It’s almost (but not quite) funny.

In order to deal with our latest set-back (my delayed period) head-on and thus try to avoid having this cycle cancelled because the clinic closes over Thanksgiving….I was prescribed a souped up dose of progesterone on Wednesday night.

Now I know that some people react badly to it.  I’ve been fortunate in the past that my post-IVF shots never bothered me and the post-iui pills didn’t either.  Hubby dutifully gave me the shot this time.  The thinking is that the progesterone “shocks” your system and then, as it leaves your system, a period is triggered.

The dose this time was double what I’d taken before and it was a competely different experience from what I’ve had before.  Within an hour I was shivering and feeling like a rhino had run back and across my neck and calve muscles.  And then it got worse.

At 2am, I was up, heart-racing, googling “progesterone overdose”.  Did we get the dosage wrong?  Should we go to the hospital?  I decided to weather it out and just drink as much water as I could.  I survived.

This treatment apparently works in 3 to 7 days.  We basically need to start the cycle by the 14th……..I’m waiting. And I’ve decided that I would take the two week wait ANY DAY over this.

I also have no been able to bring myself to update my right hand status bar.  What’s one more chemical pregnancy in all of this anyhow?  I’m actually not one who usually leans towards cynicism but I’m feeling quite jaded on this front at the moment.

Otherwise, we’re having the type of Fall in Nashville that I’ve been dreaming about for years.  Yellow trees, red trees, orange trees all ablaze through 70 degree days.  This weekend has finally gotten chilly and we’re going to try out our fireplace for the first time.  We also have a friend coming in from the UK next week and it will be nice to have a house guest.  We’ve also been getting out and seeing some non work-related music shows.

So all is basically well aside from my fertility and the economy (which isn’t helping hubby’s job search). I guess this is all teaching us to focus on the day-to-day stuff and find joy in it.  But geezzzz….would be nice to catch a break once in a while.

Oh, for those who read the comments on my blog….I realize that Silverseas left me a very sincere question the other day.  I answered her privately rather than in the comments section as I thought her query deserved it. Not that you readers don’t know it all anyhow! 🙂



  1. Oh I’m thinking of you — I’ve been so lax on commenting lately –but am trying to catch up. I’m sorry to hear about the progesterone awful-ness – YUCK. I know this is a stressful time for you — I understand that “all is well aside from the infertility” — which sometimes seems like everything doesnt’ it?

    Here’s to hoping that you catch the break you deserve — all that and more — very soon,



  2. I just wanted to let you know – I’ve been there…both with the overloaded progesterone AND the numerous chemicals. Keep your chin up…it has to happen for us sooner or later.

  3. Hi – I came over from L&F – I’m in Knoxville, so we’re practically neighbors! I triple love this time of year.

    About the progesterone dosage – I wasn’t doing IVF, but was on inj w/iui because of my annovulatory pcos and my dh’s low morphology.

    I did a few rounds with 2 vials a day (both at night), but a few rounds with 3 vials twice a day – 3 in the am / 3 in the pm. It’s a lot of hormone, but the goal was to jump start my ovaries. It didn’t seem to have any affect at first – instead of having a few good lookers early on, I still had just 1 follicle by shot day 7. 3 days later, though, my ovaries had practically exploded with follicles. A few days prior to the iui, my RE and I had the official ‘multiple multiples’ talk as I was about to sprout at least 9 (assuming) viable eggs.

    Outside of the extra bloated feeling towards the end of the cycle (I could no longer button my pants and had graduated to elastic waists hah), the side effects weren’t any more noticable. But I was also on lupron and that always had me crying at the oddest of times anyway, so I may have just not noticed any extra mood swings.

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