Posted by: perchancetodream | November 4, 2008

Like Sands Through an Hourglass

I’d hoped to have written now about FINALLY starting this cycle and about how the Repronex was affecting me and the process and such.

But you may have noticed that I’m not doing that.  Because my cycle hasn’t started yet.

Ever since I’ve lived here, my cycle has been a bit off.  The first month I was in the midst of a chemical in the aftermath of my IVF.  But the last couple cycles have been slightly off.

This one is really annoying me.

Between the clock of our dwlinding insurace ticking away and the fact that we’re coming up on Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s and the woman in my clinic’s lab seems to take at least a week off a month and they don’t do cycles when she’s out (there are no words for how preposterous I think that this is), this is making me a bit of a mess.

I try not to fall into the “what is meant to be” pit.  It is dark and scary and smells. Throughout most of my life, even the worst of storm clouds have had silver linings appear eventually.  And while I usually do a good job of keeping that in mind, I’m kinda beginning to wonder this time.

On COMPLETELY different topics………

Hopefully you’ve all gotten out to vote!!!!

And…….please stop by to offer PeeSticksAndStones some congrats on her ultrasound today.  After going to the extremes of IVIG, (and not just because she thought that having vials and vials of blood shot through her system on Halloween while she read Twilight was a cool thing), they saw a heartbeat today!



  1. Hello! I stumbled across your blog today and have a question – now I have never been through this so I hope it doesn’t seem insensitive or rude. I guess I have never understood the extremes of IVF – the money, the pain, the angst. I guess I personally always thought I would adopt if I couldn’t have another baby – las if it were some sign from the universe that it wasn’t meant to be.

    I truly don;t mean to attack or judge – I would love to understand, why do women go to such extremes when there are so many children who need homes?

    thanks for your patience with me!!!

  2. Oh I should tell you also that I have lost a child. I lost my Amelia at 4 months (8 years ago now) and have a wonderful 14 year old son named WIll.

  3. God, the waiting can be hard – and I can’t imagine what it would be like if you’ve already been through a cycle or two. Hope things settle down and you can start a new one soon. You’re brave!

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