Posted by: perchancetodream | October 24, 2008

October 25th – Compendium

I’d hoped to write a short recap of what I was doing on October 25th for the past few years but I’m currently experiencing a technical glitch.  Because my PC-only life was disrupted by my currently Mac-based job, and because my Dell PDA won’t synch to it and because google calendar keeps coming up with an error that keeps it from fully synching, I no longer have reliable documentation of my life.  And belive me, it’s making me crazy.

I  lived in Chicago for 2 years after college and years later, when I looked back, I couldn’t really remember the feel of my daily life there.  And it disturbed me.  And so I started writing things down.  For years, I had a word file that had little buzz words in it.  Memory joggers to remind me of the ins and outs of daily life.

The I started the project and I captured everything in there while simultaneously keeping up my Outlook calendar.  Then I started this blog.  And now, I’m a bit lost.  I know that I’ll look back in a few years and be frustrated, not knowing how this time went by.

But to the point of this post.  Seven years ago tomorrow, I was in Dublin. It’s a very long story about how I came to be there, on my own, listening to music in a Temple Bar pub. And a relatively short and sweet story about how I met the cutest boy in the room – who later became my husband – when he asked if I wanted to stand in front of him to better see the musicians.

It is another story all together, and one that you can read on this blog, about how, last year on October 25th, we underwent our first medicated IUI.  The one that “succeeded” before a chromosomal abnormality caused a miscarriage.

I know that the pregnancy had to end for purely natural reasons.  And I’m at peace with that.  But, as hard as it was, it changed my view of the world for the better.  It proved to me that I could actually get pregnant.  That we could create something with a heartbeat of it’s own from the love we share. Whatever the future brings, that small victory is something that I didn’t need to write down to remember because it has changed me.  Just like walking into that Dublin pub did seven years ago.

This October 25th, I’m waiting for my next cycle to start and praying for a dear friend who is hopefully on the verge of her own wonderous journey.  Our life here is not settled and things are in limbo in many ways. But having those two October 25th’s offer me things that I never thought I’d find, gives me hope that life has more extraordinary surprises around the corner.  And that will have to be enough for this year.


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