Posted by: perchancetodream | October 16, 2008

Full Moon

I went out to walk the dog last night and had the first relaxed, introspective moment I’ve had since hubby has been gone.  I’d hoped to spend a lot of time deep in thought – kind of finding my place here in my own head if nothing else but I’ve been so busy with practical things that it hasn’t happened.

The cause of my moment of peace was the most amazing sky I’ve ever seen.  A full moon.  Surrounded by clouds that looked like a combination of curdled cream and a multi-petaled mum.  The moon in the exact center.  I literally stopped in the street and stared.  Wishing I’d had a camera with me.  It was amazing.

They say that people get a little crazy during the full moon.  And perhaps that explains my meeting yesterday with Dr. Ambitious.  I went in for a consult to review my lupron challenge results and to be re-cultured following my last round of antibiotics.

The culture came first and his assessment was that we probably got rid of the e-coli but now there is something else going on. Some other type of bacteria that he wants to treat agressively since I’ve made it clear that we’re fordging ahead on the next cycle regardless. I got another prescription.  Or sets of prescriptions.

If Dr. Ambitious had his way, I’d now be on (daily:

* Prenatals
* Folic/B vitamin pill twice a day
* 1.5 baby aspirin
* two Floxin (antibiotic) a day
* 3 suppository antibiotics a day
* antibiotic/anti-inflammatory cream FOUR times a day
* a yeast infection cream twice a day

Let’s just say that I’m not so good at remembering to take things. I’m fortunate that I’ve been flawless through my cycles at remembering my follistim and progesterone. So…..I’ll do the folic, the floxin, the asprin and a holistic yeast pill that I have at home.  Anything else….not so sure.

The Lupron challenge test results puzzled me.  FSH: 9.3, Estrodiol: 25.  What?  My FSH has never been even close to 9 before and that’s pretty darn low for the estrodiol too. I’m praying that this isn’t a lab issue (been there/done that).

In response to that, Dr. Ambitious is recommending 5 amps of Repronex twice a day.  And progesterone shots daily. And….some other things that I don’t have in hand yet and still need to research.  I’m going to grit my teeth and give it a shot because I don’t want to look back and wonder “what if”.

I also wrote Dr. Celebrity to get his 2 cents.  In a nutshell he thinks that Dr. Ambitious is off his rocker. But he said that sometimes that’s what it takes to work. He said to ditch the antibiotics. I can’t do that in good faith but it makes me feel better about cutting down on them.

And now we wait.  Again.  You think we’d be good at this by now.


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