Posted by: perchancetodream | October 12, 2008


I consider myself fortunate that the vast majority of my friends have had their children who are now teens or pre-teens. I do have a few close friends who are younger than I am, who may still have kids but in those cases, we’re close enough that I can’t imagine allowing myself to have any negative feelings associated with any fertility successes they may have.

So unlike many of you, I haven’t had to deal with the “surrounded by pregnancy” thing.  Until now.

My neighbor two doors down just had her second child. I don’t know the neighbor and rarely actually see her or any member of her family so it isn’t like I have to face it often. But of course, when she gave birth a few days ago, our Neighborhly Neighbor put up a big sign announcing the birth, etc.  It was a sweet gesture and honestly, I’d be touched to be the recipient of it.  But having to see it every day on the way to and from work is a bit of a pain.

And then I find out that my dad’s wife’s daughter is pregnant again. Again, I don’t harbour her any ill will and her older child is very sweet but she’s the kind of person who decided the month she wanted to give birth and then went and got pregnant. We aren’t close.  In fact she’s one of those people who grates on me. And doesn’t it bloody well figure that probably one round of well-timed sex is going to result in another child.

And…hubby is today attending the christening for his cousin’s baby.  You know, the one who didn’t know that she was pregnant until she went into labor.  This is the one thing that is making me glad that I wasn’t able to go on this trip with him.  I can’t imagine having a couple of drinks and not saying something regrettable to her.

It isn’t helping that these few months of inactivity is making me blaise about the whole thing.  OF COURSE I still want a child more than almost anything. But at this point I’ll be suprised to just be doing a cycle much less having a successful outcome.

On other fronts….I’m finding tons to do with hubby out of town. Unfortunately sleeping well isn’t one of them as I never seem to sleep well when he’s not here but I’m doing a lot of holiday weekend shopping and roaming around town.  No one is on the roads so I can coast to my heart’s content, stopping at whim.

I’m not being half as productive as I wanted to be but the day isn’t over yet and miraculously my office is closed tomorrow. So there is hope yet! I need to be in one of those overly energetic cleaning binges.  Just not sure how to bring one on.


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