Posted by: perchancetodream | October 3, 2008

Blogging out of Boredom

This week has dragged at work.  I have a huge project looming (I have to edit every piece of text on our text-heavy website in anticipation of the creation of our new site) but haven’t gotten in the mindset to tackle it yet.  I’m weeks ahead on other work and the only other things I have to tackle are so big that I know I don’t have the focus for them.

Aside from that….everything is okay.  And I mean that in the most blaise of ways. Hubby and I are dutifully taking our antibiotics in anticipation of finally getting a clean culture so that Dr. Ambitious feels that we can actually proceed with some form of treatment.  The weather is finally cool enough to walk to work without sweating too much. I’ve crunched the numbers and have made my peace with the fact that we won’t get evicted before our lease is up in June even if hubby doesn’t have a job by then (his worst nightmare!).

Hubby leave late this week to visit his family in the UK. Sigh…. Admitedly there is a part of me that could use some time alone – I have NONE. But 2 weeks is really more than I want. I know that I’ll be climbing the walls the first week and just as I’m starting to get used to it, hubby will be there again (a good thing). Also, if I was still in NYC, I know that I’d get to spend some time with close friends, eat sushi, hear music, generally bum around my favorite neighborhoods.  But not here.  I’m not yet that close to any friends. We’re a good mile+ away from anything resembling a restaurant (I don’t mind the walk but there really aren’t the types of restaurants that I’d normally curl up in the corner of with a good book). I might have some freelance work. I have a new spiffy Native American flute to learn how to play.  I’ll be on dog-walking duty.  I seriously need to clean out my inbox….sigh….doesn’t that just sound like fun.

I’m also in a reading rut.  Or rather, I’m at one of those rare places where I’ve read something I love so much that nothing can follow it so I’m rereading it.  But then what!?!  The book (or series in this case) is Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight.  Yes, I know that I’m older than her usual demographic.  But I definitely identify with her character of Bella – in her bookworm, serious nature, her pigheadedness, and even her attitude to finding out that the man of her dreams is a….well, vampire.  I GET her reaction.  Up until the last book, I pretty much understood her every question and action. I get their relationship. I guess I’m really 17 at heart…. 🙂

Anyhow, so while I wait until the movie comes out, I’ve been trying to get the interns in my office to read it but they’re all wrapped up in classwork (how dare they!).

Such are the diversions in life when you’re trying not to think about your last four months of trying to get pregnant……(okay, my last four months of COBRA – there will be at least one crazy month of using our stockpiled follistim but still….)


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