Posted by: perchancetodream | August 16, 2008

The End of the Honeymood Phase

So far, I’ve been biding my time here and taking it all in: job, new city, everything. Keeping an open mind and hoping for the best.  But now, a month in, the fog is lifting and the good and bad are starting to appear sharper.

First though, on the infertility front – I called again on Friday to find out from the clinic if my labs were back.  And they were.  And apparently I tested positive for something.  But I don’t know what.  Nor have I started treatment.  Because although the nurse called and left me a message saying that I was positive for something, she left no details.  Said that the doctor had my chart and would call later in the day or on Monday.  I guess it’s Monday then.  Not that it’s like….important or anything….not that it could delay yet another cycle if he’s giving me 2 weeks of antibiotics……..yeesh……….

But even that isn’t at the core of this, it’s my job.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the actual work I’m doing.  And I love the industry and the music we’re putting out.  And I like my co-workers (although I don’t have the type of intimate “I can tell you anything” relationships that I had with my previous co-workers and I doubt that they will develop here).  My problem is my boss.  Mr. Company Owner has a very idea of company culture. We work 9-6 (already too long for our salaries!).  He’ll call in at 5:50 and expect to have hour-long conversations with people.  Nope – doesn’t work for me.

I have a business call next week with someone who is currently in SE Asia.  There is a 12-hour time difference.  In order to take this call most efficiently (I’m interviewing this person for an article) and at a reasonable hour for both of us, I’d planned to come in at 7.45am and do the call at 8, which is the only time when the office (and my shared space) is quiet.  So I wrote Mr. Company Owner and asked if I could leave at 5 that day.  Honestly, I did it as a matter of courtesy as my old boss wouldn’t have batted an eye.  And wouldn’t you know, he said no.  That I wasn’t an hourly employee and that it was against company culture. And pointing out 2 coworkers who he has to “remind to go home” (as if that’s a good thing).


This is the same person who, during the call in which he offered me my job, told me that his greatest fear was that my IVF would work and I’d be on bedrest for 6 months (his wife, who was on clomid was on bedrest with her second child). I suppose I should have seen this coming.

I wrote him a very straightforward email (he was out of state).  Explaining that I was destressed that he was calling my work ethic into account.  That I’m ALWAYS the first one in the office – no that he’d know that because he is never in before 10 but that I don’t make a big deal about it because to me it is all about getting the job done well and within deadline.

I haven’t heard back from him yet but he’s back in on Monday.  That should be fun.

Add to that the students who just moved in next door (I don’t mind students but the best thing about living here is the quiet.  Particularly after having lived above a Romanian nighclub for the past 3 years and having the city fine them for noise violations). It’s their second night here and they’re having an outdoor party.  Great.

And hubby’s job search which isn’t really going anywhere even though he’d be great at any of the jobs he’s applying for and any job would only benefit from his employment.

There is also the fact that my replacement at my old job lied about her skills and is a bit argumentative and  defensive and has ticked everyone off.  While having the job that I loved and excelled at.  Damn.  My husband has floated the idea of whether I could freelance most of the job from here.  In honesty, I could do the whole thing from here but my old boss wouldn’t go for that (although she keeps asking me if I’d be able to take on more and more work should my replacement get fired) and the only reason I moved here in the first place was for my new job and the peace and quiet.  Neither of which seem to be turning into what I wanted them to.




  1. hope things turn for the better soon.

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