Posted by: perchancetodream | August 12, 2008

43 Candles

It’s funny how many of my same-age friends have asked me if I feel “old” today.

Actually I don’t (or rather I wouldn’t if it weren’t for the fact that this means that my eggs are now 43 too!).  And I don’t know if that’s good or not.  I truly DO believe that age is a frame of mind. And in my mind, I’m still 16. Yes, I’ve grown, I’ve experienced, I’ve rised to challenges and beaten down obstacles. I’ve loved and lost and loved again. I’ve been happy and sad and everything in between. But fundamentally, I’m still the same inside.

And that’s changed how I look at other people a little bit. During my last visit to my grandmother’s apartment complex – all elderly people (my grandmother is 95) – I started to look at the residents and wonder what they were like at 20. What their dreams were and whether or not they fulfilled them.  How many of them shared my own infertility challenges.

I guess when you start thinking this way you are officially middle-aged.  But like my dad says, he’s too young to have a 43-year old daughter.  And he’s right. So I think I’m just going to hold onto 16 for a while longer!



  1. Happy Birthday! Have a piece of cake for me. PLEASE.

  2. Happy Birthday! It’s funny, no matter how much we’ve gone through, inside we’re always ‘just me,’ only wiser. I hope you’re enjoying cake and presents right now. : ) Champagne wouldn’t be bad either. ; )

  3. Hi!
    Happy Birthday! 43 is just a label – you are a shining diamond! Keeping believing it!
    I just turned 40! Read my recent post!

    16yr olds are shining diamonds too..
    Coach Louise Crooks

  4. happy birthday perchance! hope you found a way to celebrate!

  5. I’m almost 40 and I won’t hide the truth anymore. When someone cuts the cake at a birthday party, I have always secretly hoped for a corner piece with a flower. Yes, I love frosting!

    I suppose I shared that to say that being 40 (Or 43 for that matter) is just like being 16, except with a lot more freedom to actually LIVE!

    Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    I know what you mean about feeling 16 though. I wish someone had told me when I was younger that no matter how old I am, I will essentially feel the same. I was forever waiting for some change to happen and officially make me an adult. I guess I’m still waiting.

  7. Happy happy birthday — I’ve been so lousy at commenting lately. I have a mental age too — but what’s funny is mine is about 29.

    Happy birthday my friend. I hope this year is a wonderful one.


  8. Happy (belated) Birthday!! You have the same b-day as my GM!! I love me some Leos!

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