Posted by: perchancetodream | August 6, 2008

Bump in the Road

CD 1

After being lackadaisical for so long, it was nice yesterday to be gearing up for a cycle.  AF finally showed up too so I dutifully called Dr. Ambitious’ office this morning in preparation of coming in tomorrow for day 2 monitoring, meds instruction, etc…..

I was able to get the coveted 8am appointment (their first of the day….doesn’t anybody start work in the morning in Nashville????) and was happy as a clam.

For about 5 minutes.

Then the receptionist called me to say that (1) they couldn’t proceed because my cultured weren’t back (Doc wanted to make sure that I wasn’t carrying anything that could be causing problems) and (2) a certain nurse was out until Monday.


The doctor knew that the cultures wouldn’t be back in time and seemed amenable to beginning the process anyhow (he also agreed to do the cycle without the clinic’s Lupron challenge which seems to be throwing everyone there in to a state of panic.)

And….one staff member is out so no one can begin their cycle?  What is that about?  The nurse I met with yesterday, who I’ll call Nurse Basil, told me that she’d probably be the one to do my day 2 med consult so what’s going on.

No one has called me back.  I left a message at lunch for Nurse Basil and no word.

Now I’m panicking.  It isn’t as though the timing of this cycle would be the most convenient but we have a very limited amount of months to deal with here.  And who is running this clinic?  The doctor or the nurses?

I’ve written the one nurse who was so helpful when I was still in New York, pleading that she can sort this out.

Hopefully someone will be able to tell me what’s going on here.



  1. Wow! It seems communications coming out of the clinics is a world wide problem! I hope you can get this sorted out in a timely manner without too much additional stress. Sometimes it seems the people responsible for looking after these matters forget just how emotive this stuff is to the patient!

    PS: Your follicle and egg numbers are amazing! How do you do it! You must be super fit and healthy!

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