Posted by: perchancetodream | August 5, 2008

Toto, We’re Not in NYC Anymore…

So as I wait for my delayed AF to start (delayed we think, thanks to the post-IVF chemical pregnancy), I had my consult at my new clinic today and boy…it’s different.

The downside first:

  • There is only one doctor (henceforth to be known as Dr. Ambitious)
  • They allow kids in the waiting and exam rooms
  • Their timing is DEFINITELY more leisurely

The upside:

  • The nurses/billing/reception people are all REALLY nice (in an almost creepy way)
  • The doctor….well, he’s nice too. And interestingly aggressive in his treatment plans. Yet still more aware of insurance/cost constraints than Dr. Celebrity was.  With more of a bedside manner.

So…I got to the clinic and filled out their mounds of paperwork.

Then I met with the lovely nurse who spend about 1/2 hour with me, going over my history and filling in additional paperwork.

Next came the equally lovely billing person who had already called my insurance company and had the information laid out in front of her.

Then I was put into an exam room.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  In a very over-air-conditioned room.

Eventually the doctor showed up with the nurse.  We talked for about a minute and he gave me the quickest pelvic exam I’ve ever had before declaring “well, all feels fine”.

I was told to get dressed and wait for the doctor in his office. Where I sat looking at the virtually life-sized portraits of his kids.

When he came in, he wasn’t really up to speed on my record but was very happy to listen to me recount everything, taking notes all the time.

He was shocked that Dr. Celebrity never varied my medicine.  His theory was that you need the right meds to make the eggs act correctly.  That something is going amiss in the process and we need to medically address that.  Um…okay!

He wanted to do a Lupron Challenge Test (Measure my estogen on one day, shoot me full of lupron and measure it again to see how I responded).  When I described my insurance dilemma (doing COBRA for a max of 6 months) though he said he’d look at my past records to see if we couldn’t bypass that step.

His plan:

  • Take me off of Follistim (figures as I have a stockpile in the frige) in favor of Repronex (hubby is REALLY thrilled at the thought of giving me more Intra-muscular injections although by all accounts, this is much easier than progesterone).
  • Superstimulate me as if we were going for IVF – yes, you heard me right.  He wants to aim for 10-15 follicles in order to have the best chances.
  • Possibly perform a different procedure where the washed sperm are injected into the tubes rather than the cervix.
  • Follow up with progesteron/estrogen shots until beta.

I have a feeling that Dr. Celebrity would freak if he knew this. I’m not sure that I’m not.  At the same time, it feels like time to go for broke and do this once and for all or move on.

Part of this agressiveness is due to the fact, according to Dr. Ambitious, that few people can afford IVF here so IUIs are given a lot more focus and he said that they actually have a good success rate and that I should get caught up in the rates I’ve been quoted.

I’m a bit nervous about taking this agressive stance due to the chance of OHSS. And as usual, our timing pretty much sucks as hubby is in the midst of a slow summer job search. What if he doesn’t get a job?  What if he does and still insists on staying home?  ARGH!

At the same time, I’m finding that hopeful part of me that’s been dormant starting to slowly wake up, poke its head around and looking forward to giving this baby-making thing another shot.



  1. I was on a combo follistim & repronex.
    I’d ask about risk of ectopic with injecting into tubes…

  2. I am excited by the new doctor, and the new approach!

    Not that I’m an expert, and I’m certainly not pregnant, but I can tell you that switching your protocol around to get different results is super normal. I have had four medicated cycles, and every time I’ve been on different drugs…always searching for a better combination, tailored to me. I’m pretty sure this is why they call them RE’s, manipulating our hormones with drugs is what they specialize in, isn’t it?

    I’m hopeful for you, and am looking forward to hearing more.

    How’s the new job going? And all the special projects?

  3. Yes, I agree with Luna, I’d be worried about an ectopic as well – especially since you’ve gotten pregnant before.

    On the other leaf, I like the new clinic…

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